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Friendships are made—and 4x4s broken—during this grueling 1,600-mile off-road rally, created exclusively for women

The Rebelle Rally challenges two-women teams to race across the desert over 8 intense days—all without the aid of GPS.

Has the world’s largest road rally become an excuse to sell swag?

I've attended the Gambler 500 for years, but this year felt different.

How one vanlife veteran has lived, worked, and stayed alive on the road for 3+ years

Brent Rose talks breakdowns, relationships, and his scariest vanlife moment.

A curmudgeon discovers his love for the Southwest—and Reno’s only virtues

Getting lost, exploring ancient ruins, and breaking preconceived notions in the Four Corners region.

Riding cross-country on a motorcycle is miserable—and the most amazing thing ever

Four friends battle breakdowns and thunderstorms while riding some of the most beautiful roads in North America.

Welcome to Roadtrippers Magazine

Editor in Chief Nick Jaynes on why roadtripping is back, and what that means for you.

Tempting fate: Two friends, a 1965 Plymouth, and a 2,700-mile road trip

Driving from Portland to Detroit, two friends prove now is the perfect time to road trip a classic car.

Your guide to the perfect 8-day fall hunting road trip

Covering big and small game, outdoorsman and nomad Sam Soholt plots his ideal hunting adventure.

For a motorcyclist, this is the perfect Pacific Northwest road trip

Full-time adventurer Tim Burke explores the upper-left corner of the U.S. on two wheels.

A pro ghost hunter’s road trip to 6 of America’s most haunted places

From cemeteries to abandoned asylums, Syfy's Steve Gonsalves' itinerary is not for the faint of heart

8 places to visit on a paleontologist’s perfect fossil road trip

Take a trip back to prehistoric times with author Dr. Steve Brusatte.

A mountain bike world champion’s perfect road trip

2018 Elite World Champion Kate Courtney plots her perfect mountain bike road trip in the western U.S.

Pro skater Garrett Hill plots his ultimate West Coast skateboarding road trip

Pump, hill bomb, and chill your way through these 9 super shreddable skate spots.

How to stay active and in shape while roadtripping

Yes, it's possible to maintain a fitness routine even if you live in a van.

Use these tips to eat cheap—and healthy—on the road

Whether you live in your van or taking a road trip vacation, this is how to save money and stay healthy while traveling.

The quick and easy guide to roadtripping with pets

How to keep your furry friends happy, safe, and entertained while on the road.

How to find a safe place to park your RV for the night

Three-year vanlife veteran Brent Rose gives his best road trip parking tips.

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