Bellevue Park

Unprecedented views of beautiful Cincinnati

2191 Ohio Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45219 US

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Bellevue Park - A city park in the neighborhood of Clifton Heights in Cincinnati, Ohio on Ohio Avenue. The park consists of 15 acres (61,000 m2), part of which is leased to the city by the University of Cincinnati. The park has a baseball field, shelter, picnic areas, playgrounds and restrooms. The park can be seen in the video It's Not My Time by 3 Doors Down when they are standing on the spiderweb stage high above Downtown Cincinnati.

An example of organic architecture, the park's pavilion was designed by architect R. Carl Freund in 1955 to serve as an outdoor dancing venue. It features a cantilever roof, bandstand and three pergolas that form the pavilion's signature concrete canopy. Located on the former site of the Bellevue House and incline, part of Cincinnati's historic streetcar system, the pavilion leads to the Daniel J. Ransohoff Overlook of Cincinnati.

Bellevue Park 2191 Ohio Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45219 US

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chrisspinney chrisspinney
If you're willing to go off the beaten path you can find a favorite spot of mine that gives you probably the best view of Union Terminal you'll find in the city. It's not too hard to find and if you are a keen observer of people and it's a nice day chances are you'll see some people heading that way.
9 days ago Bellevue Park
brown2cu brown2cu
One of my favorite parks in Cincinnati. If you're feeling adventurous, walk all of Ohio Street, as the closer you get to the park, the more ornate and interesting the houses become. And seriously, the view is awesome.
8 days ago Bellevue Park
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