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1301 Western Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45203 US

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Cincinnati Museum Center - Cincinnati Museum Center is a one-of-a-kind, multi-museum complex housed in Union Terminal, a historic Art Deco train station and National Historic Landmark. Museum Center's major offerings at Union Terminal include the Cincinnati History Museum, the Cincinnati History Library and Archives, the Duke Energy Children's Museum, the Museum of Natural History & Science, and the Robert D. Lindner Family OMNIMAX® Theater. Museum Center is the largest cultural institution in the city of Cincinnati, with more than 1.4 million visitors per year. Our permanent and temporary exhibits are supported and complemented by a state-of-the-art collections and research facility, the Geier Collections & Research Center, educational programs, professional development programs for teachers, day and overnight camps, public lectures and programs, tours of historic sites and community-wide cultural events. Museum Center’s collection encompass more than 1.8 million artifacts, art works and archives and is incorporated into our exhibition, research and education programs.

Cincinnati Museum Center will be known for its commitment to understanding the richness of our past, present and future by providing world-class learning experiences for children and adults.

Cincinnati Museum Center inspires people of all ages to learn more about world through science; regional history; and educational, engaging and meaningful experiences.

Cincinnati Museum Center 1301 Western Ave Cincinnati, OH 45203 US

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tonyalexander tonyalexander
<p>Who wouldn't want to visit the inspiration for The Hall of Justice and the greatest example of Art Deco architecture in the world?  It's a kick-ass museum - especially for kids - but all will enjoy.  Check out the Omnimax theater too.  Oh, and if that weren't enough, it's still a functioning Amtrak station.</p>
almost 2 years ago Cincinnati Museum Center
chrisspinney chrisspinney
The 2nd largest half dome in the world behind Sydney Opera House. Love this damn building and it's art deco goodness with all my heart.
17 days ago Cincinnati Museum Center
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