Broad Street Bakery & Cafe

4465 I-55 N, Jackson, Mississippi 39211 USA

“Every baked good under the sun”

Expect the best from Broad Street Bakery & Cafe. While you're there, meet the owner & learn how he's made tribute to his late-grandfather, son of Ellis Island emmigrants, through the trade they share. The Broad Street Story: We get asked the question a dozen times a day; ‘Who is the guy holding the Challah Bread in all these pictures?” It’s Sol Blumenthal, grandfather of Broad Street founder and executive chef, Dan Blumenthal. Sol was born in Trenton, New Jersey in 1903. His parents, Barney and Hannah, came to the United States in the 1880’s from Eastern Europe via Ellis Island like many millions of Eastern European immigrants with dreams of a better life. The Blumenthals settled in Trenton and Barney, a baker, immediately began practicing his trade. As soon as Sol and his older brother, Frank, could see above a bread bench, their father began teaching them everything he knew about his art. Through both World Wars, Sol and his brother continued to perfect their techniques. In 1946, shortly after the end of World War II, Sol purchased a small storefront on Broad Street in Trenton. That same year, BLUMENTHAL’S BAKERY opened. Sol and wife Deborah ran that bakery and two others in Trenton for twenty years. In 1998, Sol’s grandson, Dan Blumenthal, along with partner, Jeff Good, opened BROAD STREET BAKING COMPANY AND CAFÉ as a tribute to Sol Blumenthal and the legacy he left behind. Everything you see in our cases — every pastry, every loaf of bread, every dessert, every cookie — was made by hand, by our staff, right here at our bakery in Jackson, Mississippi. We hope to take you back to a time and place where generation after generation of artisan bakers created breads from scratch, following old-world recipes, with their own two hands. 

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July 16, 2014

This seems to be in the wrong place on the map. From everything I can tell it is in Jackson MS but the pin for it is in Missouri. Was planning on stopping on my trip but we are not going as far south as Jackson MS.

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