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Magee's Bakery

8188 Orangeburg Rd, Maysville, Kentucky 41056 USA

“old made from scratch goodness”

Specializing in old scratch recipes such as year around transparent pies and tarts, salt rising bread, scratch cakes, pies, cookies and sandwiches on homemade bread. Activities include, bird watching, walk in woods, petting farm animals, fossil hunting and other events. The Bakery is open from 9 AM to 5 PM Tuesday thru Saturday. Closed 3rd week in August for vacation. In Mason County there is a delicacy which has been handed down over the years, and which is considered as a part of our 'food folklore'. This sweet confection is known as transparent pie or transparent pudding. Long before refrigeration, and when there were limited preservatives, if the cook wanted a dessert long after all fruits, nuts, and seasonal staples were gone there was just one thing to do - make a transparent pit. It was quite simple. All you needed to do was milk the cow for your milk, and butter, gather the eggs from the chickens, get some sugar from the cane, flour from the grain and a little salt and you could make the delicious dessert you could imagine. Some sixty years ago Ruth and Leslie Magee recognized the demand for this Mason County tradition, so as owners of Magee's Bakery they kept transparent pie and tarts alive. These are still a very popular item and Maysville is the only area to market them. They are so popular, they are sent by mail, plane, car, and bike all over the USA.

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