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Floating bathroom and dump station

San Juan UT, Utah USA

“ever use a floating bathroom?”

When you boat camp at Lake Powell you are required to have a portable toilet at your camp. People who do not have a toilet on their boat usually bring a porta potty and set it up somewhere convenient but away from their tents. That works fine while at camp, but not while out on the boat. One possible solution is to keep the porta potty on the boat. Not much privacy, but opportunity for relief. Over the years, a pollution problem has arisen because of people defecating on the beach. Some popular beaches have been closed at times because of high bacteria counts. Thus the regulation requiring campers to have some kind of potty. When you feel the urge while boating, you are not supposed to just hit the nearest beach and relieve yourself. At Powell, the water level rises and falls over the course of a season. What is dry beach right now might be underwater in a few weeks, so it is important to keep fecal material out of the area, especially below the high water mark. The National Park Service has installed floating toilets at key points on the lake. Perhaps your best option is to stay within striking distance of a toilet.

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August 31, 2014
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Lake Powell caretakers were concerned that the lake would become one giant cesspool by lake-goers relieving themselves in the water. So, they built a floating bathroom to protect the water from fecal and urinal contamination.

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