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Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum

907 Whitehead St., Key West, Florida 33040 USA 305-294-1136

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Ernest Hemingway penned most of his greatest work while residing in this tranquil environment. Experience a step back in time with a guided tour of his estate or a leisurely browse through the tropical gardens where one of America's greatest authors created a unique legacy. The museum is the home of over fifty cats; some of which have six toes.

Located at 907 Whitehead Street and nestled in the heart of Old Town Key West, this unique property was home to one of America's most honored and respected authors. Ernest Hemingway lived and wrote here for more than ten years. Calling Key West home, he found solace and great physical challenge in the turquoise waters that surround this tiny island. Step back in time and visit the rooms and gardens that witnessed the most prolific period of this Nobel Prize winner's writing career.Educated tour guides give insightful narratives and are eager to answer questions.Wander through the lush grounds and enjoy the whimsy of the more than forty cats that live here.
The one-acre of gardens makes an excellent venue for weddings and parties and is available for day or evening events.  The Hemingway Home has obtained permission from the Director of Midnight in Paris to use the name for theme parties at the Hemingway Home. 

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Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum

907 Whitehead St.
Key West, Florida 33040 USA


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Rated 4.0 September 16, 2014

I'm not the biggest fan of some of these kinds of things, but it was an interesting way to spend about an hour. All of the six-toed cats are fun and pretty friendly, too.

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Rated 5.0 July 14, 2014

The Hemingway House is gorgeous! The perfectly green porch, lime window shutters, Hemingway's office, and unique tiles around the property were a visual treat. I especially loved the pawprints forever embedded in the sidewalks and the rumor that one of Hemingway's wives refused to allow fans indoors because she thought they were ugly.

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Rated 5.0 July 11, 2014

The Hemingway House is wonderful. Even if you're not a Hemingway scholar, there is plenty here of interest. Architecture buffs will delight in the house and grounds, while fans of Key West history will enjoy the many artifacts within the house. And, as the grounds are practically infested with cats, cat lovers, too, will be in heaven. When you go a second time, break off from the tour and explore at your leisure. I could spend a whole day at the Hemingway House.

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November 13, 2014

Cute place. Very relaxed environment and so many cats

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Rated 4.0 July 2, 2014

I'm generally not a fan of these types of tours, but this one was actually really interesting. The house and gardens are beautiful, I'm still dreaming about the massive pool in the back and the story behind it is great. There are something like 45 cats that live on the property, so if you're deathly allergic to cats probably not somewhere you'll want to visit. Definitely a nice thing to do while in Key West, the tour and exploring the whole place doesn't take more than about an hour and a half.

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