Abandoned Renaissance Fair

awesome, but on private property!

Route 3
Fredericksburg, VA US

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Abandoned Renaissance Fair - This place is on private property. Listing for informational purposes only. Please do not visit without express permission from the land owner.


The land where the VA Renaissance Faire is currently decaying was once owned George Washington's mother, because pretty much everything in Virginia was owned by the Washingtons at some point. The area the abandoned fairgrounds are located on is called "Sherwood Forest", because duh! The Ren-Faire itself operated from 1996 until it tanked from low ticket sales in 1999. The property has been decaying deep in the Virginia woods ever since. 

It's a pretty epic abandoned fairground, with loads of huge buildings still standing in pretty good condition, though a lot more weedy than before. There's even an abandoned ship sitting in a moat. There are towers, a jousting arena, a bar with built-in kegs, and of course the obligatory graffiti and paintball vandalism. 

Should you venture out to the fairgrounds, douse yourself in bug spray as the area is a notorious breeding ground for ticks. Oh yeah, and wear orange if you visit during hunting season.

Abandoned Renaissance Fair Route 3 Fredericksburg, VA US

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VBarkley VBarkley
Go while you can - the property is for sale for $7 million as of 06/20/2013. Here the Google address if you want to look at the satellite and street views. 1149 Kings Hwy Fredericksburg, VA 22405
10 months ago Abandoned Renaissance Fair
amber.scala.7 amber.scala.7
Definitely getting worse :( Incredibly hard to get around the overgrown areas. The bugs are extremely bad. But the buildings are incredible. Beware of the hunting and horse back riding club. This area is also private property and clearly marked for trespassing. The owners really just need to give this place up to someone who gives a crap about it.
8 months ago Abandoned Renaissance Fair
mcd131 mcd131
7 months ago Abandoned Renaissance Fair
nadine.sarich nadine.sarich
Its for sale at $299,900 THE BANK FORECLOSED
7 months ago Abandoned Renaissance Fair
blu.skyone blu.skyone
I am a Civilian UAV pilot Just flew over it a few days ago Enjoy the video its still there for now! http://youtu.be/TYWe0DO4oNk
6 months ago Abandoned Renaissance Fair
SpiralSlipping SpiralSlipping
Any idea what company or bank has it available for $7 million? Could anyone provide a link to that listing?
6 months ago Abandoned Renaissance Fair
msphoto70 msphoto70
Okay, I went out there at the end of August, VERY quick trip and no real exploration, as there are "no trespassing" signs posted everywhere. Someone decided to go out there 2 days ago and were caught by the hunters - THIS AREA IS BEING ACTIVELY USED BY BOW HUNTERS. They told them they found it on my Facebook page - I'm not responsible for anyone's free will, safety or stupidity. After a threatening phone call from the listing agent, and then a nice email from the trustee, I am posting that I HAVE been in contact with the OWNER and they have asked me to post that VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED. IT IS UNSAFE TO VISIT and the hunters will report violators. And SpiralSlipping... I can give the realtor's information, but I can tell you this now, I have NEVER dealt with someone so unprofessional as that. You will NOT be granted permission to go out there. I already asked.
6 months ago Abandoned Renaissance Fair
Arminius Arminius
Umm. It's not deep in the Virginia woods. It's right off Rt. 3, only a few miles outside of Fredericksburg. You can see it from the road. Thousands of people drive by it every day as they go to work at Dahlgren, a naval research base nearby.
6 months ago Abandoned Renaissance Fair
lizardbug lizardbug
Heads up! There are some very intimidating NO TRESPASSING signs at the entrance. Parked my car there for probz half an hour in broad daylight before the sheriff arrived (just as I was driving off). He knew what was up, told me about the abandoned fairground, and I pretended I hadn't gone in. Don't know how much trouble I would've been in if he'd caught me! :)
6 months ago Abandoned Renaissance Fair
jash4322 jash4322
msphoto, I'd be interested in the realtor's information as well if you still have it!
5 months ago Abandoned Renaissance Fair
wayne.rickards.1 wayne.rickards.1
the old fair is open for offers, so you can beat the price down from 7 million, its the land you are paying for, not the fair which does not even come into question. The buildings are beyond saving, and it be cheaper simple to pull them down and rebuild. The reason the fair fail was because of the remote location, so a new fair or theme park is out of the question.
4 months ago Abandoned Renaissance Fair
kaycee.lionikis.chapman kaycee.lionikis.chapman
msphoto70, It would be highly appreciated if you could send that information on. I am hoping to have a confrontation with this person to talk about reservation. I'm not looking for money from them, just permissions. Like I said, it would be nice to get their information. I was going to ask the Fredrickburg's Sheriff's Department and Court House, but if you got it that would be awesome. Names Kaycee <cleaopatra87@yahoo.com>
4 months ago Abandoned Renaissance Fair
tori.martin.73 tori.martin.73
You cannot go here. My friends and I just drove from Northern Virginia only to find the entrance posted with tons of no trespassing signs. We called the new owners (a hunting club) of the place and although my friends and I were here for only photography, they said we could not enter, and that more than 50 trespassing tickets. The man was direct but rude, but I'm glad we called before going in. YOU CANNOT ENTER HERE, PERIOD. This needs to be taken down :/
4 months ago Abandoned Renaissance Fair
Elena.Gigli Elena.Gigli
Yeah, I just went there. Its not deep in the woods, its actually one of the easier places I've been. There are fresh prints everywhere though.
4 months ago Abandoned Renaissance Fair
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