22 Fun RV Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

One thing most RVers can agree on is that the lack of space can sometimes be frustrating. These fun RV accessories are innovative in their space-saving solutions and will most definitely leave you pondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Read on for accessories that you didn’t know you needed for your RV.

Fun RV Accessories for the Kitchen and Living Areas

Screen Door Handle

Man opening screen door of RV
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Save your RV screen door by attaching a screen door crossbar, like this one. RV screen doors are often flimsy and hard to open. By adding a crossbar handle you can exit effortlessly while avoiding damage and costly repairs to your screens. 

Zippered Bed Sheets

If you have a standard-sized mattress in your rig, this zippered, fitted sheet is a game-changer in making your RV bed. The system uses two sheets—one that wraps around the side of the bed and one that zips on top as the flat sheet. You can easily zip the top layer off to wash and your fitted sheet won’t slip off.


Stacked plates in RV kitchen
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Say goodbye to falling dishes and kitchen chaos while driving with Camco’s stack-a-plate contraption. Simply place plates and dishes inside the basket-like container and they will stay in place during travel. As a bonus, they also help keep your cabinets organized. 

Space-Saving Hangers

Increase the storage space in your RV wardrobes with Higher Hangers. The recessed hook creates easily-accessible floor space in closets for shoes, bins, and other items. The hanger design is suitable for everything from jackets to pants. 

Gear Hanger

Keep your gear and clothing organized with UTTy’s gear hanger. Hang anything from hiking boots and winter jackets to towels and pots and pans. Whether you use it for organizing or drying wet items, the lightweight gear hanger helps keep your RV clean and organized. 

Museum Putty

Secure decor and belongings while traveling in your RV with Quakehold. The putty is non-toxic and won’t damage your walls or items. It’s easy to use and remove and works on most surfaces found in an RV. 

Double Cupboard Bar

Install spring-loaded bars in your RV cabinets and fridge to keep food, pantry, and other household items in place during travel. This one from Camco extends between 10 and 17 inches. 

Fun RV Accessories for the Bathroom 

Extending Shower Rod 

Increase your precious shower space and say goodbye to clinging shower curtains with an extending shower rod. This one from Stromberg Carlson is suitable for showers that are 35 to 42 inches wide. You can push the rod to either go outwards (ideal for showering) or inwards (ideal for hanging wet clothes to dry).  

Portable Wash Bag

Not everyone’s lucky enough to have a washer and dryer in their RV, but a portable wash bag, like this one by Scrubba, makes it easy to still wash your necessities. It packs down flat and is easy to use. Plus, it even turns into a dry bag when needed.

Upgraded Showerhead 

Make your RV shower feel more like home with an upgraded showerhead by Oxygenics. Choose from the five spray settings for increased water pressure. The 72-inch hose makes bathing pets or kids easier, too.  

Portable Bidet

Keep it in your RV bathroom or take it with you to the bathhouse—either way, a portable travel bidet upgrades your bathroom experience. TUSHY’s collapsible travel bidet is discrete and reusable—just fill it up with fresh water to use. Plus, it will help you save on your precious RV toilet paper. 

Fun RV Accessories for the Outdoors 

Portable Trash Bag Holder

Set up a trash bag on nearly any flat surface in your RV or at the campground—like a picnic table, grill, or countertop—without worrying about it flying away. The portable trash bag holder makes packing out a breeze and the minimal design won’t take up much space when stored. 

Solar Oven

Want to cook without an open flame? Then consider investing in an eco-friendly, portable solar oven. The oven itself weighs only about one pound and comes with a solar oven thermometer, heat-conducting baking trays, dehydrating racks, an enamelware pot, silicone pots, and a carrying bag. Ideal for those traveling to destinations with fire restrictions or who have limited RV kitchen space. 

Portable Kitchen

Group of people standing around a packable kitchen
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If your RV doesn’t have its own outdoor kitchen, you can bring one with you that’s less than 15 pounds. Coleman’s Pack-Away Portable Kitchen has a cooking surface that fits most Coleman cooking products, as well as a food prep area with utensil hooks and a mesh storage shelf. If you’re willing to add a few more pounds to your cargo load, GCI Outdoor sells a heavier duty portable kitchen that includes a countertop; storage rack; fold-out side tables; collapsible sink with drain; hooks for grilling utensils, garbage bags, and paper towels; and stem glass holders. Both kitchens fold flat for storage and have a lantern pole for light.

Inflatable Lounger

Friends lounging on inflatable lounger outside
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Forget bulky camp chairs—an inflatable lounger brings comfort and ease to your campground setup. Simply sweep air into the bag-like design to inflate. This design by AlphaBeing has a headrest, mesh pockets, a strap for drinks, a bottle opener, and securing stakes. Plus it folds down to about 12 inches by 8 inches by 4 inches and supports up to 400 pounds.

Portable Mosquito Repeller

The portable mosquito repeller dispenses a human-safe chemical that deters mosquitos within a 15-foot range. It’s lightweight too, so you can easily take it with you on hikes. It has no scent and no contact with your skin, so you can leave that heavy DEET spray behind.

Awning Sunshade 

Sun shade awning on an RV
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Add some extra privacy and sun protection at your campsite with this awning sunshade. It’s easy to install on most common RV awnings, like Dometic, Carefree, Lippert, Fiamma, Solera, and more. It comes with all necessary installation equipment and stores flat at less than 10 pounds.

Portable Ice Maker

If you find yourself constantly purchasing bags of ice at the campground store, it might be time to invest in a portable ice maker. While it does use some power and adds weight to your cargo load, some RVers find that it’s worth it for the convenience. This one weighs about 15 pounds and can make ice in nearly 6 minutes. 

Sand-Free Mat

Aerial view of campers outside a trailer lounging on RV mat
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Upgrade your outdoor RV mat to one that leaves dirt, dust, and sand outside, not in. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, CGear Sand-Free mats are a must for RVers. The mat can also be staked down in windy conditions.

Shatterproof Wine Glasses

Keep it classy at the campground with a set of stemmed Tritan wine glasses. Tritan is a durable BPA-free, plastic-like material that doesn’t cloud and won’t shatter if dropped. 

Slide-Out Corner Guard

Person accessing RV storage with slide out
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If you have an RV with slide-outs, you probably know why corner guards are necessary. These guards sit on the corners of your slide-outs to cushion any accidental bumps to the head. They stay on when closing but depending on how often you use them and the weather conditions at your destinations, you might need to replace them fairly often. 

Portable Outdoor Projector

When purchasing a portable outdoor projector for use in your RV, take into account the product’s battery life, brightness, weight, compatibility, and durability. The BenQ GS2 checks all the boxes and adds a rugged design. It also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker and has specific features for outdoor viewing, like an adjustable tilt hinge and autofocus.

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