Course: Cooking with Blackstone

This course will walk you through how to cook with a Blackstone. From purchasing a Blackstone and accessories, to seasoning and cooking dishes.

Table of Contents

Which Blackstone Should I Get for Camping?

When you fire up a Blackstone at the campground, you immediately feel like a cook at
the world’s greatest outdoor diner, or a chef at a movable feast.

This lesson will help you decide which Blackstone is best for you.

Favorite Blackstone Accessories for Camping

Blackstone makes an entire universe of accessories for its griddles, and many of them are
specifically designed for camping or portable use. These accessories can be purchased
(online or in-person) at a wide variety of stores like Walmart, Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, and
DICK’s Sporting Goods, as well as Blackstone’s website.

In this lesson we will look at 10 Camper-Approved Blackstone Accessories for Camping.

How to Season Your Blackstone

Seasoning your Blackstone before cooking is an incredibly important step. You can’t
use your new griddle until you do so. If you do, all of your food will stick. Completing the
initial seasoning process isn’t difficult, but it does require patience.

This lesson will show you how to season your Blackstone, step by step.

A Quick and Easy Breakfast

Blackstone Griddles are breakfast-making machines, and it’s hard to imagine a better
piece of equipment for feeding your family at the campground. The flat surface is perfect
for cooking non-solid foods like pancakes and eggs.

This lesson will show you how to make a great breakfast of pancakes, bacon and fresh fruit.

A Quick and Easy Lunch

Smash burgers are all the rage at the campground, and thankfully, they’re super easy
to make. There’s a little technique involved and it helps to have a burger press or a really
firm spatula—but besides that, all you need is some good ground beef and a ripping hot

In this lesson we will show the steps and ingredients for making a great smash burger.

A Quick and Easy Dinner

If you want to kick your griddle skills up a notch and graduate from burgers and dogs,
try your hand at a delicious and crowd-pleasing stir fry.

This lesson will show you how to make an easy and delicious stir-fry on the Blackstone.

Conclusion to Cooking with Blackstone