What’s the Best AI Trip Planner?

How to use supercomputing skill to plan your next road trip

Trip planning is time-consuming because of all the dimensions that go into it…

Are you a hotel hopper? Or is RVing your jam? 

How can you ensure that you hit all the best stops on your road trip? Where can you find campgrounds or BNBs?

There are other questions too… Who is going with you? Do you need pet-friendly accommodations? What about the best restaurants along your way? 

Depending on your feelings about trip planning, these questions can be fun or scary. Even if you love trip planning, you probably still struggle with FOMO — the fear of missing out on a can’t-miss stop. 

AI trip planners take the guesswork out of travel planning and save you tons of time. This post will help you discover the best AI trip planner for your next journey. 

Feet in rearview road trip

What’s the Best AI Trip Planner? 

Spoiler alert: Roadtrippers just launched our very own trip planner called Autopilot™. It combines the power of AI with 38 million real-life human trips. It’s like crowdsourcing your vacation with the extra help of a super-smart computer brain. 

No other AI trip planner has our human element. Here are other features we built in that make Autopilot™ stand out:

We get geography. The inconvenient truth of many AI trip planners today is that they’ll send you backtracking. True, they might find some of the best stops, but the routes they offer can be less than direct.

That’s why the best AI trip planners map out sensible routes with spectacular stops. 

We build trust with easy ways to verify. Roadtrippers is a community of real people who have been building real trips for over a decade. We’ve helped plan over 38 million itineraries and these users have left reviews all along the way. 

That means you can view real-life reviews of the stops that our Autopilot™ AI trip planner maps out to ensure that humans agree. 

Travel is art, not science. That’s why Autopilot gets to know your unique travel style. We’ll ask some simple but essential questions, and then, we’ll combine your answers with human experience and supercomputing skill to build your Autopilot™ itinerary.

Other AI trip planners seek out generic trip recommendations based only on internet searches. The resulting for-the-masses recommendations won’t be tailored to you.

We at Roadtrippers know that travel is personal. That’s why our Autopilot™ AI trip planner uses itineraries from real life trips taken by real life people to create your personalized trip. 

Autopilot AI Trip Planner

How Do AI Trip Planners Work?

AI trip planners typically work by swiftly surfing the web to create a vacation to match a request you submit.

The best AI trip planners will ask you a series of questions to understand where you want to go and how you want to get there. Most only allow you to request something like “Plan a road trip from New York to Chicago.”

The challenge with that simplistic AI trip planning approach is that it doesn’t account for essential travel factors like budget, vehicle type, people traveling, and more. 

With the more basic AI trip planners, your trip itinerary is usually based on raw data that the AI tool can find online rather than the human experience or responses that you provide.

Most AI trip planners out there today are also desktop-only. This means you won’t have an AI trip-planning app on your smartphone when you’re on the road. 

That’s why Autopilot™, our AI trip planner, works by asking you a few simple questions to understand your travel style. 

It then combines your answers with real human experiences (38 million human experiences to be exact) to build your ideal trip in less than 2 minutes. 

Autopilot™ lives in the Roadtrippers app, so you’ll have easy access to your vacation itinerary right on your smartphone.

Questions That Your AI Trip Planner Should Ask You

An AI trip planner is only as good as its understanding of your travel style. If it’s not asking you questions like the following, you won’t wind up with a personalized itinerary: 

  • What kind of vehicle are you traveling in? If you’re driving a 45-foot Class A RV and your AI trip planner assumes you’re in a smart car, you will have issues.

  • Budget? The best AI trip planners are wizards at building the trips to get you the most bang for your vacation buck.

  • When do you plan to travel? Without this information, you might get recommendations for events you’d love to go to that aren’t happening when you visit or for seasonal venues that aren’t open.

  • Who is going? Pets? Kids? Solo? Couple? This has a big impact on the itinerary. A solid AI planner will ask you about it.

  • Where do you want to eat and stay? These sorts of things can make or break a vacation. Make sure your AI planner knows your preferences.
Autopilot AI Trip Planner Mobile

The Best AI Trip Planners Let You Adjust Your Itinerary 

Even with 38 million real-life trips driving your AI-powered itinerary, you may want to make adjustments after Autopilot™ creates it.

No problem. The Autopilot™ AI trip planner is interactive, so you can modify any part of your trip after creating your itinerary. 

Restaurant stops not quite your style? Simply poke around near the stop it found for you and pick out a grub spot more to your flavor. 

RV campgrounds not to your liking? Same deal. You can expand the search and add the spot where you’d like to camp to your Autopilot™ itinerary. 

Need more pet-friendly stops? The Roadtrippers app has the DL on that. Dig into the areas around your Autopilot™ itinerary, and you’ll find plenty more places for Fido to roam. 

Autopilot AI Trip Planner Mobile

Introducing Autopilot: Powered by AI and 38 Million Trips

We haven’t been bashful so far about the fact that we think we just launched the best AI trip planner on the market today. That’s because our AI trip planner, Autopilot™, is powered by the Roadtrippers community. We’ve made a name for ourselves by offering up quirky travel takes, real-life experiences, and human journeys over the road.

All this content gives an especially unique angle on the places that’ll show up in your itinerary. Take our Extraordinary Places Page as an example. These are remarkable stories from journeys that real people have experienced and shared. 

Autopilot asks you a few simple yet essential questions to plan your ideal trip in just a few clicks. The whole process happens in less than two minutes, and you’ll benefit from the human experience of 38 million trips combined with super-computational skills.

Smooth Trip Planning is Here to Stay

Why reinvent the wheel when you can draw on human experiences to help plan your trip? AI trip planners like Autopilot™ take the guesswork out of travel planning so you can spend more time enjoying and less time stressing. 

Even if you love the trip planning part, AI travel planners can help you ensure you don’t miss any must-see stops. Try Autopilot™

Autopilot AI Trip Planner