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Funky and fun Midwest destinations to add to your next road trip

If you’re a fan of oddities, then you’re in for a treat—this road trip takes you to Midwest attractions that you just have to see to believe

Off the beaten path might be an understatement when it comes to this unusual road trip itinerary. These Midwestern destinations are for those looking for interesting, unexpected experiences that you have to see to believe. From food-themed museums and unapologetically large items to an homage to Stonehenge, filming sets, and rock and roll, this funky adventure is guaranteed to keep things weird.

Prepare for the peculiar as you make your way to some of the Midwest’s most unique locations worthy of a road trip.

Midwest Midas locations

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Map of all Midas locations in the Midwest

Massive ball of twine sitting under an awning with a sign next to it stating it's the World's Largest Ball of Sisal Twine
Photo: Alexandra Charitan

World’s Largest Ball of Sisal Twine, Kansas

It turns out that Texas isn’t the only state where everything is bigger. You can visit the World’s Largest Ball of Twine in the small town of Cawker City, Kansas. This unusually big ball of sisal twine began its journey to world domination back in 1953. Local farmer, Frank Stoeber started the project inside his barn as a means to pass time and get a little exercise. Neighbors soon began sharing their twine with Stoeber, and in 1961, the growing ball was moved to where it lives today. As of 2022, the ball weighed more than 27,000 pounds and had a circumference of more than 46 feet. You can even add to its size by visiting Eyegore’s Odditorium and Monster Museum across the street for twine and instructions on how to add to this beastly ball.

A pigeon enjoys its perch atop the structure.
Photo: John M. Smith

Carhenge, Nebraska 

Why travel across the world to visit England’s Stonehenge monument when you can gawk at its car-themed relative in Nebraska? Carhenge is a proportional replication of the famed Stonehenge and was created by the late Jim Reinders in 1987. After closely studying Stonehenge while living in England, Reinders (with the help of his family) built Carhenge as a memorial to his father who lived on the property where the installation is located. Today, visitors can see the artist’s original works along with other unique car art and sculptures.

Large palace-like building with corn murals and decor covering the exterior

Corn Palace, South Dakota 

It’s corn! Not to be corny but this place is popping full of amazing history, art, and all things celebrating this agricultural wonder. Around 500,000 visitors come to South Dakota’s Corn Palace each year to explore and learn about the beloved Midwestern crop. The facility is also used as a community center, conference hall, basketball court, and of course, it’s the focal point of the area’s annual Corn Palace Festival. The building’s corn-created exterior murals and artworks are stripped and reimagined every year based on the upcoming festival theme. This stop is sure to give you a renewed appreciation of the most-produced crop in the U.S. 

the blue and yellow exterior of the spam museum
Photo: Julie Grace Immink

SPAM Museum, Minnesota 

Whether you love it, hate it, or have never tried it, this stop proves why SPAM deserves its own space of celebration. The weird, often misunderstood food has an interesting history that dates back to the 1930s. From acting as an inexpensive way to feed families to serving soldiers on the frontlines of World War II, the cubed concoction has worn many hats throughout the years, all of which are documented inside its namesake museum. Some devoted SPAM lovers have even chosen this site as a place to say “I do.” Wedding or not, this is one funky food museum you won’t want to miss. Did we mention admission is free?

Baseball field on the edge of a cornfield with tall stadium lights towering over the outfield

Field of Dreams, Iowa 

Bring your baseball dreams to life at the original Field of Dreams, as seen in the 1989 hit movie featuring Kevin Costner. This once make-believe baseball field used for filming has turned into a major attraction adored by baseball enthusiasts and non-sports fans alike. Run the famed bases of the diamond, tour the home used by the film’s Kinsella family, catch the Ghost Player show, and take in the magic of this property. You can even spend the night on-site at the newly remodeled farmhouse and rent the field for private events.

Long walkway inside of the House on the Rock with a unique wooden design of ceiling beams and walls
Photo: Alexandra Charitan

The House on the Rock, Wisconsin

If bizarre oddities and real estate pique your interest, then The House on the Rock will blow your mind. Alex Jordan began building his dream home atop a chimney of rock in the 1940s and opened his creation to the public in 1960. While the original architecture has Frank Lloyd Wright vibes, the decor, themed rooms, and attached buildings are in a world of their own. Inside, visitors will find everything from the world’s largest indoor carousel and a 200-foot-long sea creature, to doll houses, animatronics, suits of armor, and the Infinity Room—a glass room extending over the valley below without support. There’s also a resort on the property with a spa, golf course, and dining options for those looking to stay overnight.

Skyline of Cleveland from a lake view with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame building as the focal point

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Ohio

Pay homage to rock and roll’s biggest names at this multi-exhibit, interactive museum. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame gives you a backstage pass to rock legends from all decades—from the Hall of Fame inductee gallery to the Legends of Rock exhibit, featuring guitars, handwritten song drafts, original concert outfits, and more. The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Prince, David Bowie, and Nirvana are just a few of the artists with memorabilia and history on display. If you get musically inspired during your visit, head to the “Garage” where you can pick up a variety of instruments and have a jam session of your own.