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How to take an RV-safe road trip: Introducing RV GPS, now available with Roadtrippers Plus

Set your RV-specific preferences, get a customized route, and let the Roadtrippers in-app navigation lead the way

Photo: Stephanie Puglisi

Last month, we dewinterized our family RV, hitched up, and headed south for our annual spring break camping trip in South Carolina. Driving hundreds of miles along the I-95 corridor—referred to by locals as the I-95 Horroridor—is definitely not our favorite part of this tradition. This year, however, I was excited for the journey since I would be testing out the brand new RV GPS feature just released for Roadtrippers Plus members. 

Navigating a 32-foot travel trailer along congested East Coast highways is not for the faint of heart, so I was practically holding my breath as I brought up my saved Myrtle Beach trip in the Roadtrippers app and tapped on the Navigate button. I entered my RV height (11 feet, 2 inches), indicated that I had propane on board, and then hit Select Route. To my delight, Roadtrippers offered me two route options, both of which I knew were indeed RV-safe based on my decades of driving these highways. I chose the route that took me over the Francis Scott Key Bridge—my favorite option for avoiding the propane-restricted Baltimore Tunnel—and we were on our way.

I love roadtripping and I love roadtripping with my RV even more, but it’s no secret that traveling by RV can make the journey a bit more complicated. Many seasoned RVers have stories about winding up in unfortunate situations, nervously staring down a muddy dirt road, a narrow dead end street, or a height-restricted covered bridge. I was personally escorted off the Merritt Parkway by a Connecticut State Trooper about 15 years ago, thankfully before I encountered one of the low tunnels that would have taken the roof off my travel trailer. An experience like that made me a huge fan of researching and planning my routes in advance. Lucky for me, I can now do that in my favorite trip planning app—Roadtrippers. 

Almost 500,000 RVs were purchased in 2022, and we know those RVers could use some extra help planning extraordinary road trip adventures with their new rigs. There’s also plenty of folks like me who have been towing their RV all over the country for years, and know first hand the value of a GPS that offers RV-friendly navigation. Here at Roadtrippers we are excited to offer tools and resources that will help fellow RV enthusiasts—new and seasoned—have amazing experiences exploring the highways, byways, and scenic routes of this beautiful country… and we’ll make sure you stick to the RV-friendly ones. 

To learn more, download the latest version of the Roadtrippers app and check out this video tutorial for our new RV GPS navigation.