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Strike it rich in the heart of the Klondike Gold Rush

Get a taste of the Yukon's wildlife, epic scenery, rich history, and culture on this road trip through the Land of the Midnight Sun

Where Jack London heard the “call of the wild,” you can hear your own call to the wilderness. Canada’s vast Yukon territory attracted thousands of miners, including London, during the Klondike Gold Rush, chasing riches instead of adventures. Today’s travelers will find a wealth of stunning landscapes, recreational options, and fascinating historic sites. The Land of the Midnight Sun is a land of mountain peaks, tumbling waters, and endless pines—and a land where the sun doesn’t set for part of the year. Take a drive along the Klondike Highway from Whitehorse to Dawson City to explore two daring towns and the spectacular sites in between.

Canadian Midas locations

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The Northern Lights ignite the night sky above Whitehorse


Located at the crossroads of the Alaska and Klondike highways, Whitehorse is a beckoning hub for travelers. The Yukon River was once the main thoroughfare, but today, it’s a prime spot for paddling. Not only is Whitehorse the capital of Yukon, it’s the territory’s only city and the largest in Northern Canada. Explore the arts scene, grab a hearty meal, and pick your own path for exploring the great outdoors—will you be doing it on bike, in a kayak, or on foot? You can’t go wrong, no matter which option you choose.

Mountains stand as a natural barrier at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve

Yukon Wildlife Preserve

This preserve offers the chance to get up-close and personal with the wildlife of northern Canada, featuring over a dozen species. Be awed by the majestic bison, muskox, caribou, and arctic fox. Snap the perfect pics of mountain goats, Canada lynx, and more. If you’re visiting during the snowy season (which is long in the Yukon), rent a kicksled for an epic way to tour the trails. Outside of the preserve, be sure to keep your eyes out for the Yukon’s truly wild wildlife, which includes grizzly bears, moose, and more.

Takhini Hot Pools

For over a century, people have been in awe of the mineral-rich natural waters found in this beautiful area. The two connected pools give you choice in your experience, and offer mountain views for the entirety of your visit. Visitors of all kinds flock to Takhini to experience the healing powers that are said to come from the water, and even doctors have claimed that the waters eliminate toxins from the body. Whether you’re into improving your wellbeing, or just soaking it all in and relaxing during a getaway, Takhini is a welcoming haven. 

MacBride Copperbelt Mining Museum

It’s no secret that this area of the country is rich in history, and MacBride Copperbelt Mining Museum is passionate about that fact. You don’t have to be a history buff to enjoy this experience, though. Explore the mining museum, and then actually hop on board a train. You’ll weave through boreal forests, learning all about the Yukon, while seeing some awe-inspiring sights. Families, especially those with small children, will be thrilled to ride and learn. 

Braeburn Lodge

Just east of Braeburn Lake and right off the Klondike Highway, Braeburn Lodge is a beloved roadside retreat. This location is home to delicious cinnamon buns and other Canadian fare, so if you need a bite to eat, you’re in the right place. Come inside to cool off or warm up, or get a large amount of food for a reasonable price if that suits your fancy. Feel free to get a cinnamon bun to go and enjoy it next to scenic Braeburn Lake.

Gold Panner Restaurant

Located right on the site of Hotel Carmacks, across from that gorgeous Yukon River, this stop is ideal for any traveler needing a place to stay or a great meal. The Gold Panner Restaurant is housed in a small cabin with a cozy patio and is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast platters, omelets, and pancakes galore will satisfy the early riser ready to get a head start on an adventurous day. Lunch and dinner favorites include seafood, steak, and pasta. The hotel itself has been around since 1947, and this stop is a down-to-earth gem that allows you to fill up before you head back to the highway.

Tage Cho Hudan Interpretive Centre 

The lives of the Northern Tutchone, the First Nations people of the central Yukon Territory, are honored at the Tage Cho Hudan Interpretive Centre in Carmacks. While the small building may not appear as much, what’s inside is well worth your time while traveling through. The information and history highlighted in this cultural hub are astounding, and the knowledgeable staff is welcoming and willing to share. The community offers a fantastic stopover for those wanting a break—and to learn a thing or two. 

The Mcquesten River winds through a forested valley

McQuesten River

The McQuesten River is situated just west of Dawson’s famous gold fields and the North Klondike Highway, and it’s a sight to see. This beautiful river offers many different activities, like canoeing, kayaking, animal spotting, and fishing. You can also pack a bag and hike the many nature trails, or even walk along the waterside for breathtaking views of the river. If you choose to kayak or canoe, the flowing waterway does have a few quick turns and fast spots, but don’t let this intimidate you; the river is pretty forgiving. After a hard day of adventuring, pop into Dawson City or Carmacks to take a load off. 

Jagged mountains rise high into the air

Ogilvie Mountains

This mountain range in the Yukon Territory of northwestern Canada is truly a sight to see. The Ogilvie Mountains, reaching up to 2,362 meters and spanning thousands of square kilometers, are a massive granite thrillseeker’s paradise. Climbers, hikers, and mountaineering enthusiasts flock to this range when weather permits. If you aren’t quite feeling up to climbing these behemoths, that is totally okay. Flatter trails wind through the range’s parks, so bring along your hiking boots, binoculars, and camera for easy hikes offering breathtaking photo ops.

Stunning Tombstone Territorial Park features mountains, lakes, and rugged landscape

Tombstone Territorial Park

Next up is the beautiful Tombstone Territorial Park. North of Dawson City and home to Tombstone Mountain, the park spans more than 2,200 square kilometers and is also home to flora and fauna not common at this latitude, due to the colder weather. This park is also unique in that there are many different programs, tours, and guides offered that allow you to explore the various landmarks. Take a hike with a local who discusses the history of this wonderful area, take part in a campfire-building program or other nature-oriented experience, or simply take a nature walk to soak in all the beauty of this wild area. If you time your visit right, you might even see the Aurora Borealis dancing in the night skies above.

A row of multi-colored buildings welcomes visitors to Dawson


Home to the Native Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in people, this city is a literal gold mine of experiences. Back in the time of the Klondike Gold Rush around 1886, Dawson City was a hot spot for those trying to make it big. Today, visitors still come to see what it was like to pan the rivers while hoping for riches. Check out the Jack London Museum, the Yukon Hotel, or the S.S. Klondike sternwheeler to feel the Gold Rush days come to life. In addition to the rich history, there is also a great art scene in town, inspired in part by the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in and beautiful landscapes. Between the vibrant arts, rich history, and beautiful landscapes, Dawson truly encompasses the best qualities of the area. 

Dawson City Museum

For those interested in the Gold Rush and further history of the region, a stop at the Dawson City Museum is a must. It houses countless exhibits and displays of culture and discovery, boasting the largest collection in the Yukon. At the Dawson City Museum you’ll receive a small-town welcome, but be amazed by what you’ll learn inside.