Overnight RV Parking at Cabela’s

In the world of overnight RV parking, businesses like Walmart and Cracker Barrel loom large. And why shouldn’t they? With plenty of stores and a welcoming overnight policy, these retailers attract RVers for a quick overnight stop between destinations.

But there’s another player on the scene, and for outdoor lovers, it’s an exciting one. Cabela’s is both an outdoor gear retailer and a provider of level, comfortable parking lots—some of which allow RVers to stay overnight for free.

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What to Know About RV Parking at Cabela’s

For many sports enthusiasts, a stop at Cabela’s is a highlight on any road trip. These outdoor recreation superstores are packed with gear for hunting, fishing, boating, camping, and recreational shooting. They also feature clothing, backpacks, bicycles, ATV accessories, and home goods. 

Cabela’s was purchased by Bass Pro Shops in 2017, and together, the two retailers have more than 100 stores in the U.S. and Canada.

A fifth wheel and Class A RV parked in parking lot
A Cabela’s parking lot in Port Falls, Idaho. | Photo: Campendium

Cabela’s does not have a public-facing policy about overnight RV parking, but years of first-hand reports from RVers show that overnight parking is allowed on a store-by-store basis and at the discretion of the store manager. Like any overnight RV parking location, it’s also subject to local regulations and ordinances. 

Where available, an overnight at Cabela’s can give you access to a well-stocked shop full of gear as well as provide a convenient and free spot to rest up during your travels.

How to Find Overnight RV Parking at Cabela’s

Finding overnight parking at Cabela’s and other businesses is simple with Roadtrippers Premium. Start by logging into the Roadtrippers website or open the app. On the website while on the map click on the Purple P icon to show places that offer overnight RV parking.

roadtrippers overnight rv parking web

In the app while on the map, tap the Search & Explore bar and select Overnight RV Parking from the list of categories.

roadtrippers overnight rv parking app

For more information regarding how to use Roadtrippers you can check out our support page for overnight RV parking.

A dump station for RV use in a parking lot
A dump station at a Cabela’s parking lot in Port Falls, Idaho. | Photo: Campendium

Since not every Cabela’s location allows overnight parking, and since local rules and regulations vary, make sure to call ahead to confirm that your desired store will allow you to park your RV for the night. 

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What You Should Know Before Parking at Cabela’s

Like any business parking lot, overnighting in a Cabela’s parking lot is a privilege, and one that the store manager can take away at any time. 

The most impactful way that you can encourage stores to continue to allow overnight parking is by following the RVer’s Good Neighbor Policy, created by Escapees RV Club. It asks all those who are staying overnight on private business property to adhere to a code of conduct that includes:

  • Stay one night only.
  • Read and follow any posted regulations.
  • Purchase merchandise or services from the business as a thank you, where feasible.
  • Do not set up “camp” (no outdoor chairs, grills, awnings, slide-outs, etc.).
  • Do not use hydraulic jacks on soft surfaces, including asphalt.
  • Always leave the area cleaner than you found it.

Also, when parking overnight at a business, safety is your responsibility. Parking lots are not patrolled and unlike some Walmarts, Cabela’s stores are not open 24 hours a day. If a location feels unsafe, it’s best to find a local campground or other location to spend the night. Keep expensive items out of sight or securely locked up, including bicycles, generators, and watercraft.

RV driving into the entrance of a Cabela's store
A Cabela’s parking lot in Port Falls, Idaho. | Photo: Campendium

Common Questions About Overnight RV Parking at Cabela’s

How to know if a Cabela’s allows overnight parking? 

Start by searching for RV-friendly Cabela’s locations on Roadtrippers. If there’s a Cabela’s near your overnight destination, click or tap on the pin for more details. Always check with a store manager to confirm whether or not overnight parking is allowed before you arrive and settle in.

Can you sleep in a Cabela’s parking lot? 

Cabela’s offers overnight parking on a store-by-store basis. Some Cabela’s locations do allow overnight parking for RVers, but others either choose not to allow the practice or are restricted by local or regional ordinances. Begin your search on Roadtrippers, then call ahead and ask to speak with a manager to confirm. 

Does Cabela’s have potable water?

As a general rule, you’re unlikely to find any services, including potable water, while staying overnight in a business parking lot. Cabela’s previously offered RV dump stations at select locations for customers to use; however, there are reports that most (if not all) dump stations were permanently closed in recent years. If you do find one that is open, read the posted signage carefully to see if the water is potable or not. When in doubt, assume that it’s not safe for drinking.

How long can you park at Cabela’s?

Overnight parking at Cabela’s, where allowed, is generally restricted to a single night. Some stores may allow customers to stay longer, especially if the location is hosting an event, like a fishing tournament or hunting expo.

Can you boondock at Cabela’s?

The majority of Cabela’s stores that allow overnight parking offer a dry camping experience, with no amenities or hookups. The exception is the Cabela’s Retail Showroom in Sidney, Nebraska, which is home to a full-service campground with tent, electric, and full-hookup sites available. 

Like other overnight RV parking destinations, staying at a Cabela’s retail store is going to differ by location. But with a quick search on Roadtrippers, you can find a store along your route that works for you. Plus, when you park at Cabela’s, you can always get a little shopping in before you get your rest.