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Overnight RV Parking at Love’s Travel Stops

While overnight camping is an option at select stores and restaurants across the U.S., Love’s Travel Stops is making it more comfortable and convenient than ever before. Love’s operates approximately 600 gas stations in more than 40 states. In recent years, the company has been adding dedicated RV parking, as well as campsites with hookups, to several locations.

What is it like to camp at a Love’s Travel Stop? Like other businesses, this is a non-traditional camping experience. Stars are replaced with bright lights and flickering neon signs, and instead of chirping crickets, you fall asleep to the sound of rumbling trucks. However, if you adjust your expectations, staying at a Love’s Travel Stop might be a good option, especially if you’re looking for an overnight resting point instead of a vacation destination. Since Love’s stations are designed for big rig travel, you may find a spacious area for maneuvering, as well as many on-site amenities, including gas, groceries, restaurants, and more.

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Not all Love’s locations have dedicated RV parking spots for overnight stays, but most do permit campers. More than 20 locations have RV hookups, and even more offer dump stations and other conveniences RVers might appreciate. Like any other business, you should always call ahead to verify availability and permission.

A truck and travel trailer are parked in a paved spot with electrical hookups.
Love’s RV Hookup in Leavenworth, Indiana. | Photo: Kerri Cox

What to Know About RV Parking at Love’s Travel Stops

Love’s Travel Stops offers RV parking in several forms:

RV parking spaces: These may be used for free overnight stays and do not provide hookups.

Love’s RV hookup locations: These locations provide dedicated campsites offering partial or full hookups for a fee. Prices range from $32 to $47 a night at select locations

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Love’s RV Stops: Designed with more campground-style amenities, these locations offer communal fire pits, laundry facilities, covered pavilions, playgrounds, and more for a fee. Pricing ranges from $45 to $55 a night. As of 2022, the Love’s in Cordell, Georgia, is the first—and only—to have this designation.

How to Find Overnight RV Parking at Love’s Travel Stops

Finding overnight parking at Love’s Travel Stops and other businesses is simple with Roadtrippers Premium. Start by logging into the Roadtrippers website or open the app. On the website while on the map click on the Purple P icon to show places that offer overnight RV parking.

roadtrippers overnight rv parking web

In the app while on the map, tap the Search & Explore bar and select Overnight RV Parking from the list of categories.

roadtrippers overnight rv parking app

For more information regarding how to use Roadtrippers you can check out our support page for overnight RV parking.

Love’s RV Stops will help you identify the Love’s Travel Stops with RV hookup campsites. Amenities, pricing, and other information is listed. Reservations can be made online or in person.

What You Should Know Before Parking at Love’s Travel Stops

  • Verify with the Love’s store that overnight stays are allowed, and inquire about the specific location and rules.
  • Some Love’s locations have dedicated spots for RV parking, while others allow RVs to park in the tractor-trailer parking spots. You may hear truck engines idling overnight, as the truck drivers run their heat, A/C, and other appliances off the engine.
  • Be aware that professional truck drivers may have limited options for parking their rigs for their mandated rest periods. You should avoid taking up truck spots with your RV whenever possible. You might unwittingly catch some criticism while parking in these areas, especially if the lot is full.
  • Love’s Travel Stops operate 24 hours a day and are usually located near busy highways. Expect some traffic, road noise, and bright lights. 
  • Staying at a Love’s provides access to all of the amenities located on-site, including the convenience store and gas station. You may find propane refills, dump stations, ice, laundry facilities, showers, dog runs, and more. 

Common Questions About Love’s Travel Stops and RVing

How do you know if a Love’s Travel Stops allows overnight parking? 

Start by searching for RV-friendly Love’s Travel Stops locations on Roadtrippers. It’s recommended to also verify with the location that overnight parking is permitted before settling in your rig.

Can you sleep in a Love’s Travel Stops parking lot? 

If you have permission from a manager or employee at the location and are parked in an appropriate spot, you may sleep in a Love’s parking lot. 

Do Love’s Travel Stops have hookups? 

Love’s offers hookups at more than 20 designated locations. You may find full and partial hookups for a fee.

How long can you park at Love’s Travel Stops? 

While generally designed for overnight stays, according to Love’s, you may reserve a site at one of their RV hookup locations for up to 29 days. You may also check with the individual location to see if extended stays are allowed.