Overnight RV Parking at Moose Lodges

Driving past a Moose Lodge, you may imagine a pre-historic Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble wearing oversized furry hats with horns while giving secret handshakes during a meeting of The Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes. However, the real fraternal and service organization that inspired the cartoon still thrives in communities across the U.S.

Founded in 1888 by Dr. Henry Wilson, The Loyal Order of Moose aimed to create a brotherhood of men who would gather to socialize and help the community. They chose a moose as their mascot because of the animal’s strength and dedication to protecting its family. The philanthropic efforts remain at the organization’s center, which has since enabled women equal access to membership. The lodges collectively raise millions of dollars annually for various causes. Their mission statement is, “A burden heavy to one is borne lightly by many.” 

​​What to Know About RV Parking at Moose Lodges

Membership is required for travelers to access recreational vehicle parking, boondocking, and camping privileges at all Moose Lodges. Boondocking in parking lots without hookups is free for members at most locations. However, each lodge bases its overnight policy on local city ordinances. Always contact the specific chapter and confirm that overnight parking is available. In some cases, there’s an additional charge for electrical hookups and water, but the prices are reasonable, usually around $25 per day or a discounted monthly rate. 

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How to Find Overnight RV Parking at Moose Lodges

Finding overnight parking at Moose Lodge locations and other businesses is simple with Roadtrippers Premium. Start by logging into the Roadtrippers website or open the app. On the website while on the map click on the Purple P icon to show places that offer overnight RV parking.

roadtrippers overnight rv parking web

In the app while on the map, tap the Search & Explore bar and select Overnight RV Parking from the list of categories.

roadtrippers overnight rv parking app

For more information regarding how to use Roadtrippers you can check out our support page for overnight RV parking.

The Moose International website offers a user-friendly map highlighting the accommodations at each location. Choose a starting point and destination, check the “RV” box, and the map will provide lodges within a 10- to 150-mile radius of your destination points. Alternatively, you can plan your trip based on this list of RV-friendly locations and set your itinerary accordingly.

Tips for Overnight Parking at Moose Lodges

Although most Moose Lodges are comfortable with overnight visitors, each location must follow local city laws, which may not allow extended RV parking. Amenities vary at each destination, so check the map and call ahead to ensure each facility has availability and meets your travel needs.

Common Questions About Overnight RV Parking at Moose Lodge Locations

What are Moose Lodges?

Moose Lodges are gathering spaces where the social and fundraising activities of the Moose organization occur. The lodges host weekly events with food, drinks, and entertainment where members congregate. 

How many Moose Lodges are there?

There are approximately 1,500 Moose Lodges in the U.S., and four in Canada and Great Britain. The organization has nearly 1 million members.

Who can stay at a Moose Lodge?

At least one of the travelers in your RV needs to be a member of the Loyal Order of Moose to access the parking and other amenities at the lodges. 

Should I join the Moose Lodge?

There are many benefits to joining Moose International. Members can access RV parking at lodges across the country; some locations offer campsites and full hookups for extended stays. There are also multiple volunteer and charitable opportunities, as well as several member benefits, including shopping, travel, and insurance discounts. 

How much does it cost to join the Moose Lodge?

Each Moose Lodge’s yearly fees vary. The approximate rate to join is $55 to $70 in annual dues, plus a $20 application fee in some locations. 

How do I join the Moose Lodge?

Find your local Moose Lodge and fill out an online application. Review the Terms of Obligation list of requirements for membership located at the bottom of the application to determine if the organization’s values fit your lifestyle. Anyone seeking membership needs to be sponsored by a current member. Reach out directly to your local chapter for more information on sponsorship.

Do Moose Lodges have RV hookups?

Hundreds of Moose Lodges have RV hookups. This alphabetized-by-state list shows which lodges can accommodate RVs. You should always call ahead to reserve your stay, confirm available RV amenities (if any), and inquire about fees.

How long can I park at a Moose Lodge?

While some lodges may only permit overnight parking, others allow longer stays. Check with each lodge to verify its RV and camping regulations before planning your trip.