Overnight RV Parking at Casinos

Casino camping is a versatile, unique form of overnight RV parking that attracts different types of travelers. If you’re looking for a comfortable, readily accessible, and often free location to spend a night or two, a casino parking lot might be just what you’re after.

What Is Casino Camping?

The term “casino camping” is a bit of a misnomer, as casino camping has more in common with an overnight stay in a Walmart parking lot than it does with a stay at an amenity-rich campground. While there are a number of casinos that have built comfortable and well-kept campgrounds on their properties, when you hear other RVers say “casino camping,” they’re most likely talking about staying overnight, without services, in a casino parking lot. 

Here’s what you need to know about overnight RV parking in casino parking lots across the U.S.

Benefits of Casino Camping

There are a number of reasons why you might choose to stay overnight in your RV in a casino parking lot. Some RVers spend the night because they enjoy visiting casinos. Some travelers even plan trips around the opportunity to visit different casinos in the U.S., casino hopping from one destination to the next. 

Some RVers choose to stay in a casino parking lot as a way to enjoy a convenient, safe, and often free night’s sleep while on a longer road trip. Many casinos are located along major travel routes, making their spacious parking lots convenient stops when you need to rest.

Casino parking lots are often big (and big rig friendly), well-maintained, patrolled by security, and located close to amenities like restaurants, convenience stores, and gas stations, in addition to the casino itself. They’re a versatile and easy option whether you’re just passing through or interested in staying for a few nights.

While not every casino boasts a safe and clean parking lot, many do. Be sure to read reviews on Campendium to get a sense for the casino parking lot where you’re planning to park overnight.

Fifth wheel RV parked in a casino parking lot

How to Find Overnight RV Parking at Casinos

It’s important to know that not every Casino allows overnight stays. Roadtrippers Premium makes it easy to find Cracker Barrel and other locations that welcome RVers. On the website while on the map click on the Purple P icon to show places that offer overnight RV parking.

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In the app while on the map, tap the Search & Explore bar and select Overnight RV Parking from the list of categories.

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For more information regarding how to use Roadtrippers you can check out our support page for overnight RV parking.

Are casinos RV-friendly?

Many casinos offer RV-friendly parking at their facilities, but not all do. It’s best to call ahead and make sure that there’s room for you to park your rig, even if you’re only planning on staying for the day. Some casinos have limited parking, small spaces, or a parking garage that can’t accommodate RVs.

Can you sleep overnight at a casino?

A number of casinos offer free or low-cost overnight parking. Casinos provide overnight RV parking as a service for their customers and may require that you check in and acquire a (usually free) loyalty or rewards card in order to spend the night.

Is camping overnight at casinos free?

Most casinos that offer overnight RV parking do so free of charge. When you check in, casino staff may ask you to sign up for a loyalty or rewards card. Some casinos charge a small fee to stay overnight. There is often a stay limit for RVers utilizing the free overnight parking. Casinos with an on-site campground rarely allow free overnight parking

Where can you find casino camping?

You can use the Overnight RV Parking website to search for casino camping. Roadpass Pro members can also log in to Togo RV and navigate to Overnight RV Parking, where a map with a search box will ask you to input your desired location. If you only want to view casino parking options, tap the information icon to the right of the search bar, locate the “Show/Hide Markers” categories, and deselect all but “Casinos.”

Do Las Vegas casinos allow overnight RV parking?

Las Vegas casinos don’t allow free overnight RV parking. The closest free casino parking to Las Vegas is the Hoover Dam Lodge Hotel & Casino, located in nearby Henderson, Nevada.

How do you know if a casino allows overnight RV parking?

Casinos can change overnighting policies frequently. Begin your search for a casino campground on Overnight RV Parking, via the Togo RV app, or with Campendium, then call ahead to ensure that overnight parking is still allowed. When you arrive at the casino, be sure to check in with security, even if you see other RVs parked. The casino’s security team will apprise you of any pertinent rules and regulations for your stay.

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What to Know Before Overnight RV Parking at Casinos

The most important thing to know about overnight RV parking at casinos is that not every casino allows it, and that rules are constantly in flux. To avoid a visit from security in the middle of the night, always err on the side of caution and check in at the casino’s front desk. Casino staff may collect a fee, ask that you sign up for a player’s card or similar loyalty program, or gather other information about your stay. Some casinos require that you present your current vehicle registration.

A night in a casino parking lot will feel similar to a night spent in a business parking lot or rest stop. Most casino parking lots are well-lit and patrolled by a security team, which is one reason why so many RVers prefer to stay in casino parking lots while traveling. They’re one of the safest, cleanest options you’ll find when looking for overnight RV parking.

That being said, casinos are busy with traffic coming and going, especially if there is an on-site event. Expect to hear cars passing through at all hours. It’s not uncommon for the RV parking lot to be shared with overnighting semi-trucks, which frequently run their engines through the night—be sure to pack earplugs.

Like staying overnight in a business parking lot, overnighting at a casino comes with the expectation that the parking lot is not a traditional campground. It’s okay to put your slides out if there’s room, but keep your site contained as much as possible—don’t put chairs, grills, mats, or anything else outside your rig. Place blocks underneath your jacks so that you don’t damage the pavement, especially in warm climates. Respect the casino’s overnight parking regulations to make sure it stays open for future travelers. Security teams aren’t shy about asking you to move along if you choose not to follow the rules.

In return for a free or low-cost overnight in their lot, casinos expect that you utilize their services. Spend some time at the tables or the penny slots during your stay. If you prefer not to gamble, eat a meal at the on-site restaurant or purchase a ticket for a show.

 Casinos With Overnight RV Parking

While overnighting in a casino parking lot with your RV can be a great way to break up a drive or spend a little time at the roulette table, these parking lots can be somewhat challenging to find. Casinos are heavily regulated, and while most states have some form of casino gambling within their borders, there are not casinos around every corner. 

Due to laws and regulations, you’re most likely to come across overnight RV parking options at casinos in Nevada, California, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, and Michigan.

Casinos With Overnight RV Parking in Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada’s most famous gambling city, doesn’t have any casinos that allow overnight RV parking—however, options abound elsewhere in the state, including Tropicana Laughlin Hotel & Casino in Laughlin, Hotel Nevada Casino in Ely, and Casa Blanca Resort Casino in Mesquite.

Casinos With Overnight RV Parking in California

Though California bans casino-style gambling in its state constitution, the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988 allows for gaming on tribal sovereign lands in the U.S. As such, California is home to nearly 70 casinos located on tribal lands. Popular overnight RV parking options at casinos in California include the lots at Casino Pauma in Pauma Valley, Thunder Valley Casino in Lincoln, and Cher-Ae Heights Casino in Trinidad.

Casinos With Overnight RV Parking in Arizona

Like California, casino-style gambling in Arizona is restricted to gaming houses on tribal lands. There are 23 casinos in Arizona, located primarily on the outskirts of Phoenix and Tucson and along the Colorado River at the western edge of the state. For overnight RV parking, check out Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino near Phoenix, BlueWater Resort & Casino in Parker, and Twin Arrows Casino Resort in Flagstaff. 

Casinos With Overnight RV Parking in Washington

There are 29 casinos in Washington, each operated by a Native American tribe under a compact with the state government. Washington’s casinos are scattered throughout the state and offer everything from blackjack to off-track betting and bingo. Casinos with overnight RV parking include Tulalip Casino in Marysville, Quinault Beach Resort & Casino in Ocean Shores, and Northern Quest Resort & Casino in Airway Heights. 

Casinos With Overnight RV Parking in Oregon

Federally recognized tribes can have casinos on tribal lands in Oregon, and the state has eight casinos in operation to date. Nearly all of them welcome RVers who are looking to spend a night in their parking lots. Traveler favorites include Three Rivers Casino & Hotel in Florence, Seven Feathers Casino Resort in Canyonville, and Kla-Mo-Ya Casino in Chiloquin.

Casinos With Overnight RV Parking in Michigan

You’ll find more casinos in Michigan than in many other states located east of the Mississippi River. It’s possible to casino hop in the Great Lake State, including some options in the Upper Peninsula. Check out Odawa Casino Resort in Petoskey, Kewadin Casino St. Ignace in St. Ignace, and Kewadin Casino Manistique in Manistique. 

Other Casinos With Overnight RV Parking in the U.S.

While you’re most likely to come across overnight RV parking at casinos in the above six states, they’re by no means the only states where casinos allow overnight RV parking. Other popular overnighting RV locations at casinos include:

Casino camping is a versatile form of overnight parking utilized by many RVers. Whether you’re staying for a night to break up a long road trip or want to settle in for a week of gambling, many casinos welcome RVers to their spacious lots for overnight parking.