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Rig Roundup: The Best Four-Season RVs

Four-season RVs give you the ability to camp throughout the year, no matter the weather. While winter isn’t the typical time for camping excursions, you may find yourself wanting—or needing—to camp then. If so, finding a properly equipped rig is essential. That’s where four-season RVs come in.

Imagine camping in the forest as snow sprinkles the treetops, and then heading inside your RV to warm up and stay cozy through the night. While this sounds like an exceptional experience, if your rig isn’t properly outfitted, you could end up with burst water pipes and even struggle to stay warm as cold air seeps through your RV’s walls and windows.

Four-season RVs are constructed differently and equipped with extra features to ensure you don’t face such a scenario. A four-season RV has better insulation, protections for pipes and tanks, and a sufficient heating system. Additionally, some of the construction aspects may be helpful if you want to camp in the extreme summer heat. 

Just note that some manufacturers use the term “four-season” loosely, so you need to check for a few specific features.

Important Features to Look for in Four-Season RVs

Look for these features when evaluating a four-season RV:

Construction Materials

Four-season RVs should have extra insulation. Inquire about the rig’s “R-value,” which rates its ability to retain heat. Look for an R-value of 7 or above for the walls. 

Dual Pane Windows

Dual pane windows increase energy efficiency, making it easier to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your RV.

Pipe Heaters

Water pipes exposed to outdoor temperatures below freezing should be wrapped with a pipe heater. Some will have insulation, but that isn’t enough to prohibit your lines from freezing in colder temperatures.


An enclosed, insulated, and heated underbelly will protect your water lines, heat ducts, and add to energy efficiency.

Heated Tanks

Heat pads help prevent your tanks from freezing.

Four-Season RVs We Love

If you plan to camp in extreme summer or winter temperatures, here are some of the best four-season RVs to consider. These rigs have been designed with special engineering to make them safe and comfortable for year-round camping.

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Interior of an RV, with a dinette, kitchen, and bedroom in the back
Photo courtesy of Northwood Manufacturing

Northwood Arctic Fox North Fork 25Y

With a name like Arctic Fox, you can tell this lineup is ready for winter travel. Northwood is considered one of the best four-season RV manufacturers, producing everything from truck campers to fifth wheels. The North Fork 25Y is a couples’ camper that offers a large living space in a rig right at 30 feet.

UVW 6,640 pounds
GVWR 10,700 pounds
Hitch Weight 802 pounds
Exterior Length 30 feet
Exterior Height 11 feet, 7 inches
Fresh Water Tank 57 gallons
Black Tank 35 gallons
Gray Tank 47 gallons
MSRP Starting at $77,000
Floorplan of the 25Y
Photo courtesy of Northwood Manufacturing


Heat pads for the tanks are an optional upgrade. For extra coziness during winter travels, add the optional electric fireplace.

More information on this four-season RV can be found here.

Light gray truck camper interior
Photo courtesy of Lance

Lance 850 Truck Camper

Lance produces truck campers and travel trailers with heated holding tanks, insulated hatch covers, enclosed underbellies, and other features to help its rigs stay comfortable in any weather. The Lance 850 four-season truck camper features a kitchen, wet bath, and dedicated front bed.

UVW 2,706 pounds
GVWR Not available
Hitch Weight N/A
Exterior Length 17 feet, 7 inches
Exterior Height 8 feet, 6 inches
Fresh Water Tank 30 gallons
Black Tank 18 gallons
Gray Tank 20 gallons
MSRP Starting at $55,274
Truck bed floorplan
Photo courtesy of Lance


Add the Lance Load Roof Rack System to tote along gear and toys. A variety of solar power and lithium battery options are also available.

More information on this four-season RV can be found here.

White and gray interior of an RV
Photo of Keystone RV

Keystone Montana 3761FL

The Four Season Living Package comes standard on the Keystone Montana line, making it one of the best four-season fifth wheels available. Keystone says this package is tested and approved for use in zero-degree temperatures. The luxurious 3761FL has a large front living room, with two fold-out sofas, theater seats, and an electric fireplace.

UVW 14,345 pounds
GVWR 16,800 pounds
Hitch Weight 2,880 pounds
Exterior Length 41 feet
Exterior Height 13 feet, 4 inches
Fresh Water Tank 70 gallons
Black Tank 88 gallons
Gray Tank 88 gallons
MSRP $136,433
Floorplan of the Keystone Montana 3761FL
Photo of Keystone RV


If you travel with a large group, upgrade to the 18 cubic-foot RV refrigerator. A third A/C unit can also be added.

More information on this four-season RV can be found here.

Interior of a bunkhouse RV
Photo courtesy of Grand Design RV

Grand Design Imagine 2400BH

The Four Season Protection Package comes standard on the Imagine line, and Grand Design claims these rigs are tested to withstand temperatures ranging from 15 to 100 degrees. The package includes double insulation for the roof and front cap, as well as fully laminated walls. Additional features include a ductless heat system with a high-capacity heater; heated and enclosed underbelly and tank valves; and suspended tanks.

UVW 5,725 pounds
GVWR 7,850 pounds
Hitch Weight 505 pounds
Exterior Length 28 feet, 11 inches
Fresh Water Tank 52 gallons
Black Tank 45 gallons
Gray Tank 82 gallons
MSRP $50,849
Floorplan of the Grand Design Imagine 2400BH
Photo courtesy of Grand Design RV


The Imagine 2400BH has double-over-double bunks with bike storage, an outdoor kitchen, optional theater dinette, and a deep storage pantry. A 165-watt solar package comes standard.

More information on this four-season RV can be found here.

Small RV dinette and kitchen
Photo courtesy of Oliver Travel Trailers

Oliver Legacy Elite

The Oliver Legacy Elite is small but mighty, at just over 18 feet in length. These fiberglass “egg campers” use a double hull shell, which provides space for an air gap and insulation. The double-sided radiant barrier helps the interior maintain a steady temperature. Double-paned windows and enclosed water tanks and plumbing make the Legacy Elite one of the best four-season travel trailers that weighs less than 5,000 pounds.

UVW 3,700 pounds
GVWR 5,000 pounds
Hitch Weight 370 pounds
Exterior Length 18 feet, 5 inches
Exterior Height 9 feet, 2 inches
Fresh Water Tank 32 gallons
Black Tank 15 gallons
Gray Tank 32 gallons
MSRP $57,000
Floorplan of the Oliver Legacy Elite
Photo courtesy of Oliver Travel Trailers


For traveling off-the-grid and for additional power sources, Oliver offers a variety of solar power and lithium battery upgrades, customizable to your desires. 

More information on this lightweight four-season RV can be found here.

Two beds inside an RV bedroom
Photo courtesy of Winnebago

Winnebago Ekko 22A

Built on the Ford All-Wheel-Drive Transit chassis, the Ekko has been designed to go off the grid. It also comes prepped for all-weather camping, making it one of the best four-season Class C motorhomes—although some might argue it fits into a new category of rigs, called Class B+. All of the tanks and water lines are located inside the well-insulated interior instead of underneath the rig. Dual pane windows add extra energy efficiency. 

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GVWR 11,000 pounds
Hitch Weight N/A
Hitch Weight Rating 5,000 pounds
Fuel Type Gasoline
Chassis Ford AWD Transit
Fuel Capacity 31 gallons
Exterior Length 23 feet
Exterior Height 10 feet, 6 inches
Fresh Water Tank 50 gallons
Cassette Toilet Capacity 5 gallons
Gray Tank 51 gallons
MSRP Starting at $188,017
Floorplan of the Winnebago Ekko 22A
Photo courtesy of Winnebago


This four-season RV features a heated pass-through garage, with room for kayaks, bikes, and other toys. It comes equipped with three solar panels (for a total of 455 watts) and lithium-ion batteries.

More information on this four-season motorhome can be found here.

Togo RV is part of a joint venture, partially owned by THOR Industries, Inc., of which Keystone RV is a subsidiary.