12 tire and hitch accessories to add to your next adventure

These over-the-tire and hitch-mounted accessories will help turn your vehicle into a space-saving, multi-functional roadtripping machine

Universal spare tire wheel rack. | Photo courtesy Bison-Gear

Whether you’re RVing, pitching a tent, or taking an epic road trip, optimizing your camping and vehicle space can help you stay organized and give you more room for fun (and functional) gear. Outside of the typical add-ons like bike racks, traction tracks, and cargo baskets, there are numerous products on the market that can turn your hitch, tires, and spares into valuable camping and roadtripping accessories.

From tabletops and kayak holders to slide-out kitchenettes and exercise equipment, here are 12 easy-to-install hitch and tire accessories to keep you organized, entertained, and in shape during your next adventure. 

Tire and spare tire accessories

No matter what kind of rig you’re riding in, your vehicle’s tires and spare tire can be used for more than getting you to your destination. These easily attached accessories can transform the equipment already on your vehicle into multi-functional gear that will enhance your travel experience. 

Over-the-tire table

The TailGater over-the-tire table makes it easy for you to add dining, working, and cooking space to your vehicle. Fitting tires 13 inches and wider, this table can be installed on most cars and on larger RV tires. The TailGater’s foldable design also makes it easy to store when not in use. 

Over-the-tire step

Great for safely reaching gear in your truck bed, roof racks, and setting up overlanding tents and equipment, the Powerbuilt folding tire step fits right over the top of your tire, giving you a sturdy way to step up without getting on and off tailgates or trying to balance yourself on your vehicle tires to get to hard-to-reach spots. 

Spare tire grill top

Bring your campfire grill top on the road without taking up space or creating a mess inside your vehicle. The Front Runner spare tire grill grate simply attaches to the spare tire on the back of your vehicle and fits most tire sizes. For travelers in smaller RVs, campervans, or overlanding vehicles, this is an easy way to pack campsite essentials and save on storage space.

Spare tire gear bag

Doubling as a trash bag or campfire wood carrier, the Kelty Trash Pak helps campers keep their campsites clean and leave them trash-free. Designed to withstand rain, heat, and wind, this bag easily straps to your spare and is a camping necessity—especially if you’re boondocking or overlanding in remote areas with no trash receptacles.

Spare tire gear rack

For those who need space to pack fuel canisters, shovels, and extra water cans, this universal wheel mount from Bison-Gear fits most spare tires and can be customized to your gear. Fitting around your spare tire, you can choose different mounting attachments depending on the equipment you’re hauling. This is a great solution for off-road adventurers who need extra tools to stay fueled and unstuck.

Hitch and bumper accessories

Your vehicle’s hitch receiver provides an easy way to attach a wide range of gear. Even if you’re pulling an RV, you can plug these accessories in after unhitching your rig at the campsite for a more enjoyable stay at the campground. 

Hitch-mounted grill

The F-20 HitchFire propane grill gives you a fully-functioning grill setup, no matter where your travels take you. The grill plugs right into your hitch receiver and pivots outward from your vehicle when you’re ready to use it. Once done, simply swing it back in, lock it down, and hit the road.

Hitch-mounted toilet

While this isn’t necessarily a “fun” hitch accessory, it certainly is a functional one. The Bumper Dumper hitch-mounted toilet gives you a place to take care of business when there’s no restroom in sight. The U-shaped, steel hitch attachment is in the shape of a toilet seat—all you have to do is attach your seat of choice and add a 5-gallon bucket (recommended) to turn your bumper into a bathroom. 

Hitch-mounted kayak carrier

The RecPro RV kayak rack makes it easier to haul all of your favorite outdoor gear without sacrificing storage space in your RV or tow vehicle. This hitch-mounted carrier can even be used with trucks and SUVs: Simply plug the carrier into your hitch receiver and load up your kayaks or paddle boards (up to 12 feet in length) on the back.

Hitch-mounted swinging chairs

Give yourself a comfortable place to kick back and relax with these hitch-mounted chairs from Hammaka. This chair stand connects to your receiver, giving you two hanging chairs with a footrest sling for each. When not in use, the stand can be disassembled and easily stowed inside your truck bed or RV.

Hitch-mounted kitchen

For the ultimate hitch upgrade, the Camportable slide-out kitchenette turns your bumper into a full kitchen with running water, a dual-burner stove, Dometic refrigerator, and storage space. It even comes with LED lights for night cooking at the campsite. Compatible with most car, truck, SUV, and RV hitch receivers, this is an easy way to save space inside your rig and enhance your camping cuisine.

Hitch-mounted fitness rack

If you love camping but can’t stand the thought of skipping leg day, the HitchFit power rack is the perfect accessory for you. Complete with a pull-up bar, squat rack, and room for add-on equipment like dip bars and landmines, this rack truly turns your vehicle hitch into a functioning setup, so you can enjoy the great outdoors without skipping the gym.

Hitch-mounted TV stand

Turn your hitch into an entertainment center with the Mount-It tailgate TV stand. This stand works with all 2-inch receivers and can hold televisions up to 55 inches. Whether you’re at the campground or tailgating for game day, this makes for a hassle-free, safe way to set up your TV outside.

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