As Road Trip Season Ramps Up, Roadtrippers Introduces Free Itinerary Planner to Simplify the Trip Planning Experience

As Road Trip Season Ramps Up, Roadtrippers Introduces Free Itinerary Planner to Simplify the Trip Planning Experience

June 12, 2023

Roadtrippers, the #1 road trip planning tool that helps roadtrippers turn their trips into adventures, is enhancing its product offering to help travelers organize and make the most of their time on the road. With the new Roadtrippers day-by-day itinerary planner feature, users can effortlessly plan the ultimate road trip route, without the need for separate spreadsheets.

The itinerary planner is a free feature, and provides users with travel schedule suggestions based on their destination and travel dates, taking the hassle out of planning their road trip adventures. Users can modify and customize their itineraries, ensuring they have complete control over their travel plans.

“Roadtrippers is focused on empowering our users to hit the road confidently, and part of that is giving them the power to plan and customize their adventures,” said Tim Balzer, VP of Product for Roadtrippers. “We have always believed that road trip planning shouldn’t be a headache—it should be just as fun as the trip itself. Our itinerary planner is designed to provide a seamless and intuitive experience, allowing travelers to focus on enjoying their journey rather than getting bogged down in logistics.”

With this new tool at their fingertips, travelers can take the stress out of adapting plans on the go. In addition to day-by-day itinerary planning, Roadtrippers also allows users to easily add detours along their route, such as restaurants, hotels, Extraordinary Places, and quirky roadside attractions. Adding stops won’t compromise the overall schedule, and users can easily make adjustments to their itineraries at any time. When travelers are ready to hit the road, Roadtrippers offers RV-friendly GPS and a CarPlay integration for safe navigation.

The itinerary planner is available on and in the Roadtrippers app, for both iOS and Android devices. Roadtrippers is part of Roadpass Digital’s portfolio of leading digital apps that provide campers, RVers, and roadtrippers with end-to-end trip discovery and planning tools.

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