Climb Every Mountain...

Climb Every Mountain...

… but make it back down again safely!

New Zealand has so many incredible walking tracks and the best way to enjoy them is to be prepared, know what you’re in for, and have the right gear. We’ve partnered with Mountain Safety Council to bring hikers safety alerts on some of New Zealand’s most popular tracks. Download our sister app, CamperMate, to get them and make your hiking experience both epic and safe. Check out their handy trip planner below too.

10 hikers are rescued every week in NZ...

Don’t be one of them. Get Prepared

Make It Home NZ!

All of these epic tracks on CamperMate now have safety alerts and useful tips as you’re walking the tracks. Make sure your location services and notifications are switched to ‘Always On’ once you download the free app. We’ll be adding more tracks throughout the year too.

Wildly Good Day Walks

And for some more walking inspo, check out all the other trip guides we have packed with some mighty day walks in different regions around New Zealand. The great thing about these walks is that they’re free, they take you into Aotearoa’s wildly different terrain, and many provide spectacular selfie moments. Just remember to check you have the right gear.