The Road Trip Hall of Fame

The Road Trip Hall of Fame

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December 2020 inductee

Having interrupted over a decade of full time traveling by RV by buying a boat and living and cruising up and down the east coast waterways, I’ve returned to RV full time traveling. I left my boat and started this years road trip in May/June 2020. I tend to wander slowly without much, if any, pre-planned routing and to date on this trip have covered a bit more than 6,000 miles. In my 15+ years of RV full timing, I have put a little less than 500,000 miles on the odometers of my various RVs criss crossing this amazing country.

From Plus user allenvanputten

November 2020 inductee

“In 2015 I planned the week and a half west coast trip of my dreams (or so I thought) for my bf and I. Too bad a few months before the trip we broke up. Badly. I decided I would fly to my dream destination alone the following year, but in the time that passed my plans changed, and I decided to take a month long road trip by myself. In September 2016 I rented a 2012 Toyota Corolla and was planning on doing around 7,000 miles, but I just could not stop driving! I ended up doing 12,000+ miles instead.

My first day I drove from Illinois to Denver. I met up with friends for dinner and crashed at their place. The next day I was terrified to get on the road. I had never done anything like this before, and I had no reservations ahead. Just flying by the seat of my pants. I procrastinated for quite a while, then I finally got on I-70 west and every fear melted away once I was in the Rockies.

It was a life changing feeling. It was like the mountains washed a peaceful calm over me. I drove the whole route, originally planned for the whole month, in only TWO weeks (stops 1-29.) As you can see from my route I was surrounded by breathtaking scenery almost every step of the trip. UTAH. The most underrated and my favorite state that I just never saw coming. Blew me away. Yosemite. The PCH. Umpqua. Yellowstone. Glacier National Park was so breathtaking that I visited it AGAIN later that trip! When I was heading back east I decided I wanted to go to the Smoky Mountains next.

I called my new (at the time) boyfriend and asked if he wanted to join me. He said yes so I drove to his place, picked him up and we spent a few days in TN. Afterward I dropped him off back home and still had over a week left till I had to be back at work. I decided to visit Canada for the first time and head to Banff. The Canadian Rockies were jaw dropping, but the drive to get there was brutally boring so I took the much longer scenic way home. This is when I visited Glacier NP for the second time and had better weather and more visibility so I’m so glad I did. Then it was time to head home.

When I finally arrived, I felt an emptiness. I live in Indiana. No mountains here. I knew the trip had changed me even tho I had never intended it to. Since then I have been changing my life to become a van dweller and live in the mountains forever. (Sorry, “new” bf!) It’s taking me longer than I hoped (this September was 4 years since the trip), but since then I have accomplished a few goals necessary for van life including buying my dream van. All that is left to do is pay the van off and convert it, and my life will be the road trip of my dreams every day.”

From Plus user Chelsi Savage

October 2020 inductee

“Our between jobs 50 days, 9,913 miles, 16 National Parks, 2 Countries, 15 States, 2 Provinces, 34 Hotels, 3 Olympic Host cities, and 8 days with family, once in a lifetime family road trip. When I told friends the plan, they would always say great plan, go “here.” I kept a list of all the “heres” and then put them in Roadtrippers. The Western Swing was the result! It started at 5 weeks, bumped up to 6, then to 7 weeks due to new jobs. Since the Western Swing, we’ve added the Eastern Swing, Western Swing II, Midwestern Swing, Southwestern Swing and many shorter road trips in between. The US National Park count is now at 30. The Idaho Swing is next!!”

From Plus user Rich

September 2020 inductee

“We circled USA in a Winnebago in 31 days and it was amazing! We stopped at National Parks, iconic cities, drove through deserts, the Rocky Mountains and small farming towns along the way. We crossed the continental divide twice, saw a bear and her cubs, dined at an Amish restaurant, stood on the edge of a 1000 foot drop to take a photo of Horseshoe Bend and took in the tranquility at a thousand year old cliff dwelling in Mesa Verde. As an Australian Photographer I wanted to capture incredible landscapes and cities. My American husband wanted to visit his relatives who live in all corners of the country. We could not have pulled it off without the planning resources of as there was a lot of driving and a lot of bucket list destinations to tick off the list. I would definitely do it again. In a heartbeat.”

From Plus user Kylie Greff

August 2020 inductee

“We took three weeks to Go over 8,500 miles and see 10 national parks, including Jasper and Banff in the amazing Canadian Rockies! We dug for dinosaur bones in Glendive, MT, walked on a glacier in Alberta, whitewater rafted down the Colorado in Moab, ate the best wings of our life in Portland, and climbed sand dunes in Colorado. It was by far our longest and most epic roadtrip of them all!”

From Plus user Amy

July 2020 inductee

“Our first trip in our camper van. We saw the total eclipse in Wyoming and went across North Dakota, Minnesota to UP of Michigan. Then down to Kentucky and back through Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Nevada to home.”

From Plus user abbaroo

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