RV GPS App: 10 Essential Features

An RV GPS app is an indispensable tool that goes beyond mere navigation. Apps like these are designed to provide direction for unique RVing needs, such as RV-safe navigation, overnight camping options, right-sized gas stations, and more. 

When it comes to the sea of RVing tools out there, it’s important to look for the one that offers all the features needed for RV-safe navigation. That way, you won’t be juggling between apps over the road.

In this post, we’ll explore the 10 most important features to look for in an RV GPS app.

1. RV-Specific Routing

This one can’t be understated. Avoiding low bridges, narrow roads, and restricted areas is key for a safe RV trip. The right RV navigation app will factor in your specific height, weight, and length restrictions to avoid non-RV-friendly routes. 

Low clearances, steep grades, sharp curves, and small gas stations are a few examples of the things that drive RVers batty — and they can also cause serious damage. 

You don’t want to be like this guy driving a 35 ton bus over a 10 ton bridge. Get Roadtrippers RV GPS Navigation today to roll stress-free on an RV friendly route.

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2. Campground and RV Park Locator

Roadtrippers features a comprehensive directory of RV-friendly campgrounds and parks that you can drop right into your planned route. 

We even have a new feature called Autopilot™ that’ll plan an RV-friendly trip with campground options for you. Simply answer a few questions about the type of camping trip you want, and Autopilot™ does the rest.  

Our app also features one of the largest campground databases on the planet. You can filter RV parks by price, amenities, type of place, big rig accessibility, WiFi, cell coverage, rating, and more to find the campgrounds that best suit you. 

Laptop open with work screen sitting on table outside at a campground with RVs surrounding the campsite
Photo: Kerri Cox

3. Points of Interest for RVers

What fun is a road trip if you don’t make a few stops at quirky roadside attractions, historical sites, and natural wonders? That’s why your RV GPS app should pack in points of interest.

And then there’s the practical stuff like RV service stations, repair shops dump stations, and potable water refill points. Your RV navigation app ought to have the goods here too. 

Roadtrippers features a large library of RV-centric stops for any trip.  

4. Offline Maps

RVers flock to national parks, public lands, and other remote areas where cell service can be unreliable. 

When cell service goes, so too while your RV navigation unless your app provides offline maps. 

This feature allows you to download a fully functional map of your route that’ll keep running in the deadest of dead zones. You can even download maps of entire regions to make those areas fully searchable for RV-friendly stops along the way. 

5. Fuel Station Locator

Large gas stations and truck stops are RVers’ friends. Roadtrippers is an RV app that features thousands of stations and a filtered search feature so you can find RV-friendly gas stops along your route.

6. Trip Planning and Management

RVing is one of the most affordable ways to travel if you plan ahead. RV navigation tools can help with this by estimating fuel costs, efficient routes, and stops that match your budget. 

Roadtrippers lets you build a trip from a sea of options that match any budget. Our Autopilot™ tool can even build a custom RV trip based on your selected budget and interests. 

7. User-Friendly Interface

The best RV navigation apps let you easily drag and drop stops along your route interactively. The map and directions should also be easy to read.

Look for RV GPS apps that provide voice-guided navigation. This way, you can build your trip and safely follow it in the same app. 

Roadtrippers RV GPS is one app that does all the above.  

8. Safety Features

Breakdowns are a bummer and getting stranded over the road stinks. The best camping apps have built-in features to get you help wherever you wander. Roadtrippers Roadside is an add-on offering that’s built into our app.

Roadtrippers Roadside provides RVers with peace of mind by offering towing assistance, trip interruption insurance, propane refills, battery help, and more.

RV apps can also be vital safety tools for alerts about sharp turns, steep grades, and speed limit changes. Sometimes, the road ahead is fine for a car but challenging for an RV. The right RV GPS app will warn you ahead of time. 

9. Community and Social Features

These are things like user reviews, tips, and recommendations that add real-life context to your RVing journey. 

For example, when you stay at an RV park, it’s uber-helpful to know how former guests have rated cleanliness, WiFi speed, amenities, scenery, and much more. 

It’s even better when your RV GPS app offers recommended itineraries based on real-life trips that people have taken. 

Roadtrippers does all of this. Locations featured in our app offer reviews, information on cell coverage, campground quality, and much more. Our trip guides showcase some of the best itineraries users have taken around the country. And our maps feature the quirky roadside attractions we know folks love. 

10. Free Overnight Parking Locations

Roadtripping RVers often need overnight breaks to catch a few zzz’s before safely getting back on the road. Instead of paying for a campground, many opt for free overnight parking at places like Wal-Mart, Cabelas, and Cracker Barrel.

However, overnight parking is not guaranteed at every store location. That’s why the best RV navigation apps offer user-generated information about places to park overnight.

The Roadtrippers app features over 16,000 free places to park your RV on your way to your destination.

Overnight parking locations

RV GPS apps have revolutionized the way camping folk travel. Features like RV-safe navigation and campground locating are a couple of examples of the features that make these apps a must-have. Roadtrippers is an RV navigation app built by RVers and for RVers to have the essential features needed to navigate this special lifestyle. Try Roadtrippers Premium for free.