What’s the best roadside assistance?

Getting stuck on the side of the road is no fun. Things like tire blowouts, door lockouts, dead batteries, and other troubles along the road usually happen at inopportune times and in inopportune places. 

Roadside assistance programs offer peace of mind in situations like these. But how do you know which one is best? What features do you need versus the ones you’ll pay extra for but never use? What about help for RVers? 

Let’s discover how to pick the best roadside assistance plan for your next road trip. 

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But first, do you really need it? 

The short answer is almost always yes. Even local towing trips can cost over $100, and locking yourself out of your car is another $100+ blow. Other rescues like jump starts, emergency fuel delivery, and help changing a tire are generally unavailable unless you have roadside assistance. 

All of that makes roadside assistance a smart bet because the annual cost is almost always less than any one of these services.  

What types of roadside assistance are available?

Roadside assistance has evolved to cover a wide range of road-tripping styles. The key these days is to pick the plan that’s the exact right fit for you so you don’t end up paying for benefits you don’t need.

Here are the general types out there:


You’re a traditional road warrior. Sure, you might do some tent camping here and there, but your main mode of exploring is via car and hotel. Auto-only is one of the most affordable roadside options out there. Questions to ask:

Who do I need to cover?

Many plans charge extra for additional drivers in the family — the ones with a flat rate are usually the most affordable.

What about emergency expenses?

The best plans help cover emergency travel and emergency ambulance expenses.

Does my roadside assistance provider get my travel style?

For example, many cell phone carriers offer roadside assistance plans, but coverage is generally minimal. Programs built by travel-minded companies are more likely to have you covered wherever you wander. 


Whether you roll in a travel trailer, fifth-wheel, motorhome, campervan, or something in between, look for an RV version of roadside assistance to cover your unique needs. The right fit in this case will be tailored to your specific camper type. Questions to ask:

Who will tow my tow vehicle?

If you have a travel trailer, a fifth wheel, or a motorhome with a vehicle towed behind it, you can wind up in a situation where two vehicles need a tow — the camper and the tow (or towed) vehicle. The right plan for you will cover this. 

Does the assistance plan cover unique RVing needs? 

If your RV breaks down, you might need a hotel; if your fridge shuts down, food may spoil; and if you get your RV stuck in the mud, you might need a pull-out. Plans for camper-minded people will cover this. 

Are plans tailored by RV type?

Motorhomes have different needs from fifth-wheels, and travel trailers have different setups entirely. The right roadside assistance will get you what you need for your RV type without adding unnecessary fluff. 

Multiple Tiers

Most roadside assistance programs offer several tiers of benefits, ranging from a starter level to a premium level. The choice is yours, but carefully examine the features offered at each upgrade level to ensure you’d really benefit from the extra services you’re paying for. 

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What’s included in roadside assistance?

This will vary depending on the provider you choose. Here are the main services to look for:

24/7 access

You never know when a roadside setback will slow you down. Make sure you can get ahold of your provider anytime.


It’s important to ask about distance and dollar restrictions on this because some companies may limit it too much to be worthwhile in your situation. 


From punctures to blowouts, you want someone who can swiftly change your tire or provide a temporary fix to get you back on the road with minimal delay.

Lock-Out assistance

Even with the dawn of FOBs, keys still get locked in cars and RVs. Look for plans with locksmiths to help you out. 

Jump starts

Dead batteries = delays to your vacation. Minimize this risk with roadside assistance. 

Emergency fluid delivery 

Running out of gas stinks for car travelers and is a special risk for RVers. Roadside assistance will bring you fuel in a pinch. 


Stuck in the mud? The right roadside assistance helps with that. 

Other important features

Here are other items to seek out in the best roadside assistance plans on the market:

Emergency travel

If you’re far from home and your vehicle is disabled due to a breakdown or accident, this feature reimburses you for alternative transportation or lodging. 

Emergency ambulance

Reimbursement (up to a set amount) for emergency medical transportation you may need over the road. 

Trip interruption for RVers

Motorhome repairs usually aren’t completed in a day. When you need overnight repairs, this feature kicks in to help with hotel and restaurant expenses.

Food spoilage for RVers

When breakdowns happen to RVs, fridges can stop working. This benefit reimburses you for your lost grub. 

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Where can I find roadside assistance? 

You can find roadside assistance in a number of ways, but not all providers are created equal:

Roadside assistance via your wireless provider

Many cell phone companies offer a form of roadside assistance that you can pay extra for as part of your monthly bill. Scrutinize these plans carefully because they usually offer very limited service, high deductibles for certain services, and typically lack offerings for RVers. 

Roadside assistance via your current insurer

Auto insurance companies are starting to offer roadside assistance as an add-on feature. These services are generally contracted out to the same sorts of roadside assistance companies used by cell phone companies. The result usually is limited service that’s rarely the right fit for road warriors or RVers.

Stand-alone roadside assistance 

The best roadside assistance programs are offered by companies and organizations whose mission is tied to the road. 

We at Roadtrippers have helped travelers like you plan more than 38 million trips covering more than 42 billion miles. That’s why we proudly offer Roadtrippers Roadside, a roadside assistance program designed to create hassle-free road trips. With packages that are tailor-made by vehicle type, so whether you roll by car, motorcoach, or travel trailer, there is a plan to fit your needs.

Roadtrippers Roadside: Help on demand, wherever you wander

Road trips are literally in our name. We’re the tool for the best and most exciting treks that can be had by car or by RV. That’s why it’s natural for us to become your trusted partner for hassle-free road trips. 

We offer Roadtrippers Roadside so a setback on the road will never slow you down again. We leveraged everything we know about what road travelers want to ensure these roadside assistance plans pack in all the essentials over the road. 

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What’s included in Roadtrippers Roadside

We really believe that far too many roadside assistance plans charge you for a bunch of benefits that you’ll probably never use. 

That’s why we dug into our roadtripping expertise from over 38 million planned trips to figure out the specific things to serve you best on the road. All while getting you a more affordable plan compared to the other guys. 

So we have all the things like towing, battery service, tire help, lock-out service, winching, and emergency fluid delivery service.

We also shine in our connection with the RVing and road-tripping community. That’s who we are too, so we give you extras like coverage for emergency travel expenses when your car is down. 

And when it comes to RVing, we get that trip interruption is a real bummer. It’s also a real reality that your motorhome might need a repair that takes several days. That’s why it’s built-in a built-in benefit that you can be reimbursed for hotel and restaurant expenses up to $1,500 per occurrence you’re more than 50 miles away from home and your home on wheels is down for the count.

On that note, you can also get reimbursed for any spoiled food if your fridge goes down (up to $150 per occurrence). You can even get reimbursed for expenses to replace the fuel or LP gas up to $300 if a covered fuel tank incurs a breakdown that results in the loss of fuel or LP gas.


-Auto rates start at $55 for your first year

-Towables run $74.98 for your first year

-Fifth Wheels cost $79.98 for your first year

-Motorhomes are $89.98 for your first year

Test drive Roadtrippers Roadside, you can cancel anytime for a prorated refund (minus any claims paid).

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FAQs about Roadtrippers Roadside

How far does Roadtrippers Roadside Assistance cover for towing service?

Autos – When towing is necessary, the Covered Member’s disabled vehicle will be towed up to $100 per occurrence to the nearest qualified service facility or destination of your choice.

RVs – When towing is necessary, the Covered Member’s disabled vehicle will be towed up to 50 miles to the nearest qualified service facility or destination of your choice.

Where do I have coverage with Roadtrippers Roadside Assistance?

Roadtrippers Roadside Assistance provides coverage in the United States and Canada.

If I own a trailer and my truck breaks down, does Roadtrippers Roadside Assistance cover towing for the truck and the trailer?

Yes, Roadtrippers Roadside Assistance covers towing for a vehicle that is actively towing the covered Towable RV.

How do I get help when my vehicle is disabled?

To obtain service just call the toll-free number to speak to a dispatcher who will dispatch a service vehicle for a covered emergency.

As a member, do I pay for service and then submit the receipt for reimbursement?

No, to obtain service, just call the toll-free number to speak to a dispatcher who will dispatch a service vehicle for a covered emergency. In the event that the Club is unable to provide service, upon your request you will be authorized by the Club to obtain service from another service provider. In this event, you will be reimbursed for any payments made for authorized covered service(s) up to the specified benefit limits.

Can I cancel my membership before the end of the term?

Yes, you can cancel your Roadtrippers Roadside Assistance at any time and receive a prorated refund minus any claims paid.

Is Roadtrippers Roadside available in all 50 states?

Roadtrippers Roadside Assistance is currently not available in AL, AR, CA, DE, MA, NE, NH, NM, OK, TN, TX & UT. We are actively working to add these states so check back again soon.

How do I contact Roadtrippers Roadside Assistance for questions and membership support?

You can reach out to our Customer Support team by sending a message to: support@roadtrippers.com

Roadside assistance options abound, but they’re not all created equal. Get the one that fits your travel style best, that doesn’t charge you for stuff you’ll never use, and that is your partner for hassle-free road trips.

Get Covered, Get Moving: Sign up for Roadtrippers Roadside Assistance today