Here’s your chance to go on an all-expenses-paid vacation—planned by strangers on Instagram

Busabout's Great Travel Experiment will take a lucky couple on a road trip across the U.S., but in a slightly unusual manner

Photo: Jean-Philippe Delberghe on Unsplash

One of the most important things to bring along when traveling—besides clean underwear—is an open mind. The travel innovators at Busabout are attempting to push the limits of open-minded travelers with their newest promotion, the Great Travel Experiment.

The basic premise is simple enough: Busabout will give away three free adventures to pairs of travelers—but there’s a catch. While the routes are set, the activities will be determined via votes from Instagram users, who will be following along on each trip.

The trips will take place this summer. One will be in Europe, one in Asia, and one will be a cross-country U.S. adventure. The U.S. trip will have the additional promotional benefit of celebrating Busabout’s American launch.

Yosemite is one stop on Busabout's U.S. Great Travel Experiment trip.
Yosemite is one stop on Busabout’s U.S. Great Travel Experiment trip. | Photo courtesy of Busabout

The U.S. Great Travel Experiment follows most of the destinations offered by Busabout’s product, the Hop-On Hop-Off network, which essentially lets travelers take advantage of support and community atmosphere of guided trips, but at their own pace.

The U.S. trip will last six weeks and hit essential destinations like New York City, D.C., Nashville, New Orleans, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, as well as relatively lesser-known stops like Lafayette, LA; Durango, CO; and Amarillo, TX, among others.

“We put a lot of time and research into developing trips that travelers want to do,” says Sam Hollinshead, Busabout’s head of marketing. “We always like to include unexpected moments and destinations that make traveling an adventure.”

Busabout will be looking for one charismatic Instagrammer and one detail-oriented videographer to take each all-expenses-paid trip (which also includes a compensation of £200 per week). The application process involves submitting a one-minute YouTube video where you showcase your hometown along with your charming personality.

Busabout wants to highlight popular destinations and hidden gems.
Busabout wants to highlight popular destinations and hidden gems. | Photo courtesy of Busabout

As for having Instagram users determine aspects of the trip, Hollinshead says, “We want to find out if better travel experiences are made from being spontaneous and flexible with plans.” Followers will get to determine, for example, if the duo traveling across America will experience the Grand Canyon via a helicopter tour or a hike deep into the park. 

For more information on the trips, and how to enter to take them, check out Busabout’s website. Make sure to follow them on Instagram starting in May to see how the adventures play out—and to help determine what activities the fearless travelers get to do.