Video: Starlink Updates RVers Should Know About

For RVers using Starlink, here are the latest updates you should know about Starlink’s satellite internet system

Like most new technologies, Starlink’s satellite internet services continue to change and advance. For RVers using Starlink (now called Starlink Mobile), or those considering equipping their rigs with this system, here are the latest updates you should know about Starlink’s satellite internet system.

Plan names. Starlink now refers to its original two plan types as Standard (previously Residential) and Mobile (previously Starlink RV). The company also added two additional plans for prioritized internet speeds: Priority and Mobile Priority.

Standard plan updates. For customers using the existing Residential plan, prices have increased in most areas to $120 per month. However, users in some less-congested areas have benefited from price decreases to $90 per month.

Priority plan updates. If you’re looking to upgrade to guaranteed faster speeds, you can plan on paying significantly more per month for either the Priority or Priority Mobile plans. These plans are most useful for those needing consistent, fast internet speeds for work or other critical communications needs. Another change is that Mobile Priority can now be used in motion and over bodies of water.

Mobile plan updates. Originally called Starlink RV, and then briefly named Roam, Starlink Mobile is the plan used for RVers and other travelers not using a fixed address for their account. Prices for this plan are now $150 per month for those using internet services in the same continent as the address associated with their account. There’s also a Global Mobile option for users to utilize Starlink Mobile around the world. This plan is $200 per month.

Another Mobile update is the ability to pay $45 per gigabyte to opt in to the top mobile speeds. This feature helps those needing on-demand higher internet speeds on the go or while traveling over bodies of water.

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Which plan is right for you? While Starlink’s new Priority-based plans can offer reliable, faster internet speeds, these plans are expensive and likely only useful for those needing consistent, top-tier speeds throughout the day for work or other communication purposes. The Standard and Mobile plans should be sufficient for those traveling in the U.S. and camping in remote areas.