Oscar Mayer has the ultimate job opportunity for the carnivorous roadtripper

Here’s your chance to drive the company’s Wienermobile across the country for the next year

Photo: Mark Reinstein / Shutterstock.com

When I was in college, I never once pictured myself kicking off my journalism career by driving a 27-foot-long hot dog on wheels across the U.S. But perhaps I just lacked the “boundless enthusiasm” required to apply for the one-year Hotdogger position with sausage maker Oscar Mayer.

Other desirable traits? A big appetite for adventure and a friendly personality, as the position—where you’ll work in “your own traveling public relations firm”—is 100% travel. It also comes with benefits, clothing, and a head-turning company vehicle.

Oscar Mayer launched its first Wienermobile—created by Oscar Mayer’s nephew, Carl Mayer—in 1936. At any given time, there are six giant sausages on wheels driving across the country full-time in an effort to promote the company’s products, which include bologna, bacon, ham, and—you guessed it—hot dogs.  

Photo: Joshua Rainey Photography / Shutterstock.com

Each Hotdogger spends a full year driving the Wienermobile as an ambassador for the brand. Opportunities include attending charity functions, visiting grocery stores, and giving media interviews. It helps if you have a degree in public relations, journalism, marketing, or communications, since ambassadors are expected to organize promotions and pitch TV, radio, and newspapers themselves.

It’s also a unique chance to get to see some of the most scenic parts of the country from the driver’s seat of a converted Chevrolet—albeit a less-than-discreet, 11-foot-tall sausage on a roll (so to speak). For the avid roadtripper, this could very well be a dream job.

Need more information before you apply? Use the Wienermobile app to locate the closest vehicle to you, or to hop on a virtual reality ride-along. (Don’t forget to fasten your “meatbelt.”)

If you think you have what it takes to be a Hotdogger, you have until January 31 to apply. You’ll need a college degree, an outgoing personality, and—ideally—a knack for hot dog puns. Vegetarians need not apply.