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Airstreams, cabooses, and teepees, oh my! Here’s our guide to glamping KOA-style

Put your own glamorous spin on the camping experience

Glamping—some people love it, others think it defeats the purpose of camping entirely. What not everyone realizes, though, is that it can take many forms. “Glam camping” doesn’t have to mean gourmet s’mores hand-roasted for you by an expensive, all-inclusive resort’s butler (although that does sound pretty nice). It can also mean you still get to rough it a bit, making campfires beneath the stars and having a chance to get away from your laptop and those constant work emails—but, you know, with a bed and a bathhouse only a few steps away.

If you’re looking for the glamping experience that the whole family can enjoy, look no further than your friendly neighborhood KOA. Some KOA campgrounds offer unique accommodations that put a one-of-a-kind spin on the concept of cabin camping. Plus, the other amenities that come along with staying at a KOA (pools, laundry, WiFi) mean you’ll never be without the comforts of home.


Vintage airstream at KOA campground
Photo: Kampgrounds of America

Is there anything more awesome than camping out in an Airstream trailer? The Airstreams are perfect for anyone who wants to rough it just a bit, but still wants most of the comforts of home. They feature electricity and comfy beds so you don’t have to sleep on the ground. Some (but not all) even come with full bathrooms and partial kitchens. Find them in beachy locales like Florida’s Sugarloaf Key / Key West KOA Holiday, California’s Santa Cruz / Monterey Bay KOA Holiday, Maine’s Bar Harbor / Oceanside KOA, Colorado’s Carbondale / Crystal River KOA Holiday, and Arkansas’ Eureka Springs KOA.


Photo: Kampgrounds of America

The cabooses offered at KOAs are historic railroad cars from train lines like the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe; the Louisville and Nashville; and the Boston and Maine, and have all been renovated to be pretty swanky inside. Some can sleep up to six people, and most have at least half-baths included. It’s a totally unique experience that you won’t find in most other places, so take advantage at the Mount Pleasant / Charleston KOA Holiday, the Oregon Dunes KOA Holiday, South Carolina’s Point South / Yemassee KOA Journey, the St Louis West / Historic Route 66 KOA, or the Twin Mountain / Mt. Washington KOA Holiday in New Hampshire.


Teepee tent at a KOA campground
Photo: Kampgrounds of America

Though a teepee may conjure images of camping out in the days before electricity, KOA’s teepees come fully equipped. Almost all of the Sioux-inspired structures feature electricity and come furnished, which sets the glamping scene perfectly. Just bring your own linens. Some teepees come with bonus amenities like mini-fridges or porches as well. Teepees can be found at many KOAs across the country. Here’s a map of where you can find them.


Yurt at a KOA campground
Photo: Kampgrounds of America

Yurts are similar to teepees, but are Mongolian in origin. The round structures were conveniently portable for nomads on the steppes of Central Asia. The yurts at KOA can come furnished, with skylights, windows, and cable TV, and with electricity, A/C, and heat. Find them at the Bay Center / Willapa Bay KOA Journey in Washington, Utah’s Bear Lake / Trail Side KOA Journey, the Higgins Lake / Roscommon KOA in Michigan, Virginia’s Luray KOA Holiday and Williamsburg / Busch Gardens Area KOA, and Ohio’s Shelby / Mansfield KOA Resort.

There’s a yurt at the Deerpark / New York City NW KOA that can sleep up to nine people and includes a full bath and partial kitchen, and a party yurt at the Santa Margarita KOA in California that you can reserve as an event space for up to 50 guests.

Wall Tents

Photo: Kampgrounds of America

Also called a Deluxe Tent, glamping tent, canvas tent, or safari tent, wall tents give you the closest feeling of actually camping, minus the setup and plus furniture and electricity. You can find them in California at the Barstow / Calico KOA, the Lake Isabella / Kern River KOA, the San Diego Metro KOA, and the Ventura Ranch KOA Holiday; in Utah at the Bear Lake / Marina Side KOA and the Panguitch KOA; in Colorado at the Royal Gorge / Canon City KOA and the Buena Vista KOA Journey; and at the Lake Placid / Whiteface Mountain KOA in New York, the Ludington East / Pere Marquette River KOA in Michigan, and the Sturgeon Falls KOA Holiday in Ontario, Canada.