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We wrote a book! ‘Roadtrippers Route 66’ features the entire Mother Road, from Chicago to Santa Monica

Officially available everywhere books are sold, our first guidebook features maps, trip guides, random facts, tips on how to pack your vehicle, and more

VW Slug Bug Ranch in Texas. | Photo: Alexandra Charitan

Although I’m old enough to remember a world without the internet, I planned my first real road trip as an adult using a mix of print and digital media. Armed with travel guides borrowed from my local library and a AAA TripTik, I made a handwritten list of potential stops (including operating hours and admission prices), and printed out turn-by-turn directions from MapQuest. 

Today, when planning and writing about road trips is my job, I find that I have almost too many tools in my trip planning arsenal. The internet can be a scary place, full of out-of-date information from unverified sources. Here at Roadtrippers, we believe our app (Roadtrippers) is all you need to get out and explore across the U.S. and Canada. But there’s no denying that special feeling of folding open a paper map or flipping through a printed guidebook—making notes in the margins and dog-earing interesting stops. So for those who, like me, prefer combining old-school trip planning with digital tools, we wrote a book to help you do just that. 

Today our very first print guide, Roadtrippers Route 66, is officially available everywhere books are sold (order it from Amazon here). We couldn’t be more excited to share it with seasoned roadtrippers and those just beginning to discover the unique joys of the open road. Choosing a favorite road trip route is impossible, but we started with the Mother Road because it’s an undeniable classic—and one close to my own heart. Roadtrippers Route 66 features the entire route, from Chicago, Illinois, to Santa Monica, California. We’ve divided the legendary road into six sections: each with a map, recommendations on everything from campgrounds to restaurants, and the fun and fascinating details that make each stretch compelling and unique. 

We ignored the death knell for traditional print media and packed our guide with links to hand-picked playlists, national park tips, and trip guides that you can save right to your Roadtrippers app—no printer required. I’ve taken dozens of road trips over the years, but it’s true that you never forget your first; I only wish I had also been able to share my route with friends, get live traffic updates, or take a detour without the fear of getting lost entirely. 

We are so excited to share our favorite detours, tips on how to plan your trip, how to pack your vehicle, and more. We hope you’ll use our guidebook to skip the big chains and tourist traps, and find family-owned diners, original neon signs, and strange haunts. Roadtrippers Route 66 is so full of photos, “Weirdville” stories, and random facts that you don’t even have to leave your house to feel as if you’ve taken an epic journey across the U.S. But when you’re ready to hit the road, each book—small enough to throw in your bag or glove compartment—contains a code for one free month of Roadtrippers. In fact, we created the only Route 66 print guide with a fully integrated app that covers everyone from RVers and motorcyclists to international travelers.

Driving Route 66 is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and it’s ok to be sad when you reach the end. But with Roadtrippers Route 66 and the Roadtrippers app along for the ride, you can simply turn around and do it all over again.