Course: Everything You Need To Know About Renting Your RV

This course will walk you through renting your RV. Covering which platforms to choose, how much you can make, what to do after you get your first renter and more.

Table of Contents

RV Rental for Beginners

This chapter will open up the idea of peer-to-peer RV rental, why people do it, and give a high-level overview of how the process works.


Is Renting Your Rig Right for You?

This chapter will walk you through the important questions to ask yourself when deciding to list your rig and questions to ask about how much/little you want to grow. 



This chapter will go into the economics of renting out your RV. How much can you make; how much it will cost to get set up & recurring expenses to expect.


More Helpful Information


This chapter will cover episodic insurance or insurance that covers the owner and renter during the rental period.


Rental Platforms

This chapter will look at the top 4 RV rental platforms to consider: Outdoorsy, RV Share, RVezy & RVnGO. While you may want to list your RV on every platform possible, you will learn about the major logistical challenges of doing so.


Listing Your RV

This chapter will go over the keys to a successful RV rental listing. This will cover photos, descriptions, rules and add-ons.


Listing Examples

Your First Renter

This chapter will help teach you the strategies of having a smooth RV rental experience for you and your guest. It will go into reviewing rental request, accepting the request, communication with the renter, preparing for departure, documentation and sendoff.


Marketing Tips

This chapter will provide marketing tips for helping you to get the most rentals out of your rig. Covering topics like reviews, photos, “rent me” signs & attractions in descriptions.