A trip through Zion National Park guaranteed to be filled with adventure. But, after a long day of hiking Angels Landing, The Subway, or The Narrows, you’re probably gonna need a good night’s sleep. I mean, have you seen the switchbacks leading up to Angels Landing? My calves are sore just looking at them. Anyways, you won’t find a better night’s rest than by glamping in Zion. And, with Under Canvas Zion opening on August 17th, that’s now something that you can do!

Under Canvas is a brand that’s not only managed to nail the glamping aesthetic to a tee, but has managed to successfully franchise it as well. Inspired by African safaris with a focus on minimalist, natural design, the first Under Canvas location was at Yellowstone. Glacier Under Canvas (where Mark Zuckerberg stayed on his recent trip to Montana), Moab Under Canvas, and, now Under Canvas Zion quickly followed.

Back to Zion. There is a variety of tents (including a special Stargazer tent with a moon roof window above the bed) and they all come with private bathrooms. Yes, you read that right. Private bathrooms. While camping. And wood stoves for warmth and private decks, too! Zion Under Canvas will also help you plan your trip. They can help you put together an itinerary or book activities. And, best of all, they can take care of your dining as well. Food options in remote areas where National Parks are found are often expensive, limited, and not exciting. Zion Under Canvas has boxed lunches, breakfast to go, morning cook outs, and dinner around the campfire. You won’t find a better veggie burger or smoked pork belly slider around!

And none of this even includes the fact that glamping in Zion is perfect for those who want to experience the desert, and be fully immersed in the landscape. And, it’s incredibly close to the park!

Under Canvas® Zion offers an extraordinary lodging experience just as fabulous as the park itself. This glamping camp in America’s gorgeous Southwest is located on 196 acres bordering Zion National Park in Utah. Just moments away from incredible trails, off the beaten path adventures, and spectacular views of the majestic red rocks that make Zion so famous. The camp seamlessly blends into its dramatic surroundings and our luxury tents offer guests the opportunity to enjoy Utah’s spectacular desert without giving up the comforts of home. If you’re still looking for places to stay near Zion National Park, look no further than Under Canvas®.

The cost of glamping in Zion

A tent goes for about $189 a night. They fit up to four people, and if that’s not enough, you can rent a tipi to set up nearby for an extra $15 a person a night. It’s pet-friendly (for a small fee) as well. The season at Zion ends in November, but will start up again in 2018.

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And keep your eyes peeled…

…because the Great Smoky Mountains Under Canvas is about to open as well.

Under Canvas® is the ultimate outdoor experience offering convenient access to more than 800-square-miles of lush forest, pristine mountain views and the Appalachian Trail. Find yourself immersed in an international biosphere reserve where you’ll wake up to the sounds of nature on our 200 acre camp just minutes from America’s most visited national park.

If you’re looking for an unparalleled adventure, allow Under Canvas® to take you on an unforgettable journey back in time amid Gatlinburg’s ”Land of the Blue Smoke.”

Yes! Finally! Also be on the lookout for Grand Canyon Under Canvas as well. It promises to be a sigh of relief from the tourist-ridden National Park.

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