And it might be coming to a city near you!

What kid doesn’t have fond memories of wearing themselves out on a bouncey house at a party or festival? Bouncey houses are something that just don’t seem to really hold up as an adult, though. They’re small, they’re sweaty, and they’re filled with small, fragile children. But, it seems that someone saw the success of the traveling slip ‘n’ slides popping up across the country and decided to do them one better… with the world’s biggest bounce house. The Big Bounce is a massive, 10,000 square foot monstrosity of an inflatable, and it takes the classic bouncey house to the next level, with loads of unique features that make it an epic experience for kids and adults.

Now, it’s not just the world’s biggest bouncey house, although that would be enough to make it worth visiting. It’s a bouncey house-house party with different rooms and zones. Here’s how the website describes the experience:

We dreamed of obstacle courses, foam pits, giant slides and basketball hoops. We dreamed of inflatable forests, inflatable boats and inflatable gorillas taller than apartment blocks all contained within the walls of our candy-colored castle. We dreamed of DJs spinning from a stage in the middle of all this, of massive sound-systems, confetti blasts, beach balls and all manner of thrilling entertainment happening around us as we bounced. And we dreamed that it was big. Really, really big…

Inside the Big Bounce

Now, as anyone who ever went into a bouncey house as a child knows, it’s important to make sure that you’re not at risk of getting knocked over by someone bigger than you.Because safety is key, The Big Bounce runs hour-long time slots for various age groups. The Junior Session is for kids under 7 and their parents/carers. The Family Session is for kids 7-15 and carers. And, the Adult Session is for anyone 16 and up. The footwear requirements are no shoes and no bare feet, so remember to wear socks. Also, you can pick up a pair with rubber grips there.

Outside the Big Bounce

When you’re not exploring the inflatable mansion, you can enjoy the fun going on outside. Live music, food vendors, games, giveaways, and much more will be going on outside the bouncey castle. If anything can get kids from out in front of the TV, it’s this. It’s running across the country from now until early November… and with tickets for some dates on presale now, you better hurry and buy them before they sell out! Because time slots are limited, you don’t want to miss out.

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