By Tatiana Parent


Maine’s Acadia National Park is 47,000 acres of geological features that include mountains, an ocean shore, lakes and woodlands. Originally it was inhabited by the Wabanaki people. Below are 6 other facts you might not know about Acadia National Park:


6.) Acadia National Park is the oldest national park east of the Mississippi. About 2 million people visit it every year.

Southwest Harbor, Mount Desert Island, Acadia National Park, Maine

5.) It was established in 1919 as Lafayette National Park. It was named after Marquis de Lafayette, a French dude who supported the colonists during the American Revolution. Its name was changed to Acadia in 1929.

Acadia National Park Maine Coast

4.) John D. Rockefeller, America’s most famous philanthropist, financed, designed and oversaw a series of carriage trails throughout the park, from 1915-1933. This network of trails is still in use today.

Acadia National Park

3.) A devastating fire broke out in 1947 and consumed 10,000 acres over the course of a month. Once again, the Rockefeller’s came through and financed restoration efforts. Below is a photo of the iconic Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse.

Bass Harbor Head Light, Acadia National Park, Maine

2.) Cadillac Mountain was named after seventeenth century French explorer and adventurer, Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac. It has an elevation over 1,500 feet and is a favorite spot for hikers.

Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park, Maine

1.) The Somes Sound inlet is considered “The only fjord on the East Coast”.





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