You’ve heard of Rin Tin Tin, Old Yeller, and Fido. But, have you heard about Bobby the Wonder Dog? In 1923, a family on a cross-country road trip from Oregon accidentally left their Collie, Bobby, in Indiana. Well, Bobby missed his family so much that he traveled on his own four legs over 2,800 miles to return to his owners. This epic trek took Bobby six months during which time he braved deserts, plains, and wintery mountains. His cross-country road trip made Bobby a national sensation. Rin Tin Tin even laid a wreath at Bobby’s grave a week after he passed away in 1927, in his hometown of Silverton, Oregon. Bobby’s loyalty is celebrated even to this day with Silverton’s annual children’s pet parade.

Over the years there have been other stories of faithful pups returning to their owners after a prolonged absence. There was Prince who returned to his owner after having been apart for 5 years. Last year when the tornadoes hit Birmingham Alabama, one family was separated from their dog, Mason, who showed up two weeks later having crawled home to his owners with two broken legs.

Other Compelling Canines: 

Sgt. Stubby: The first American dog to serve in war. Sergeant Stubby (seriously, he was promoted to Sgt.) served 18 months on the Western Front and reportedly “saved his regiment from surprise mustard gas attacks.”

Swansea Jack: Born in Newfoundland, Jack lived in Swansea near the docks and, like Lassie, when he’d hear the cries of people struggling in the water he’d jump from the docks and pull in the helpless swimmers. Legend has it that over the course of 6 years he saved over 27 peoples from the River Tawe. He is the only dog to have received 2 bronze medals from the National Canine Defense League.

Apollo: This German Shephard was the first search and rescue dog to assist after the World Trade Center attacks, arriving on the scene just 15 minutes after the collapse. He was awarded the Dickin Medal (similar to the Victoria Cross, but for animals).

Greyfriars Bobby: Here’s a dog who was loyal to the very end. Bobby was a Skye terrier who’s owner had passed away. In an incredible display of faithfulness, Bobby guarded his owner’s grave for over 14 years.

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