By Signe Schloss

Corn was American before there even was an America, so it’s no wonder there are effigies of the plant all over the country. Check out these larger-than-life, giant corn tributes to the number one field crop in the United States.


1. Me so corny for Corn Palace

Corn Palace, circa 2008, giant corn

With its ornate onion domes, the Corn Palace looks like a Russian Orthodox church that got lost in South Dakota. But the object of worship here is secular – the building was built in 1892 (and rebuilt in 1905 and 1921) to honor the fertile South Dakota soils. Corn covers the outside of the building in elaborate murals that are redone every year. Visitors can see photos of past murals and a video explaining the palace’s history.

2. Me so corny for Field of Corn


The scene is otherworldly: ghost-white stalks of corn shoot from the ground in even rows, casting long shadows on the flat ground. This art installation, also known as “Cornhenge”, features 109 concrete corn statues and two rows of osage orange trees, and memorializes Ohio’s agricultural heritage. Just don’t upset He Who Walks Behind the Rows…


3. Me so corny for Corn Water Tower

Corn Water Tower, giant corn

This Minnesota town is watched over by a giant ear of corn. Built in 1931, the ear is an accurate rendition of the grain, with the correct number of rows and kernels. But what’s not so accurate is the size – this ear of giant corn is 60 feet tall!


4. Me so corny for Corn Stalk

Hoopeston Illinois farmer tribute, giant corn

This huge cornstalk was built as a “tribute to the American farmer” in the Sweet Corn Capital of the Nation. While it’s not as massive as the water tower, it is a solid 16 feet tall, and honors those who provide the crop for America.

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