Jeremy Heslup recently did something we’ve all dreamed of doing… He packed up all his stuff and just hit the road… Westbound from Cincinnati to California. All of us at Roadtrippers think that’s pretty cool, and the video he made along the way is pretty cool too…

For a more in-depth look at his trip, check out the route he took and the day-by-day account of his little cross-country adventure.

Heslup runs Valkyr Productions, a film company with another kickass documentary on the La Carrera Panamerica in the works. The teaser alone is enough to get your heart pumping:

"The Last Great Road Race" | Teaser from Valkyr Productions on Vimeo.

Yeah, we’re big fans. See more from the La Carrera Panamerica here

So the question begs to be asked… When and where will your cross-country road trip happen?

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