If you don't mind a few bloodstains and a whole lotta dirty looks from the neighbors, you could be the proud owner of the childhood home where notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer murdered and dismembered his first victim. Home is where the heart is (buried under the floorboards), after all.

The 2,000 square foot house in Akron, Ohio has been on the market for just twelve days, but as you might imagine, it's having a bit of trouble selling. 

"About 50 percent of the people I talk to about the home are immediately disinterested because of the history, but half the people don't care," realtor Rich Lubinski told WCPO. "The house didn't kill anybody. There's nothing going on here. It's not haunted. It's just a house," Lubinski said.


Despite Lubinski's insistence that the home isn't cursed, his company has reduced the price of the home from $329,000 to $295,000. I guess you could say it's a killer deal. Sorry.

Back in 1991, police searched the home after Dahmer was arrested in Wisconsin, finding the dismembered remains of Steven Hicks, a hitchhiker that became the first victim in a killing spree that lasted over a decade.

An article from the August 19, 1991 edition of the New York Times recounts the murder:

Mr. Dahmer, 31, jailed in Milwaukee in connection with 17 killings, has told the police that Mr. Hicks was his first victim.

Mr. Dahmer said he picked up Mr. Hicks on June 18 and took him to the Dahmer house for beers. When Mr. Hicks tried to leave, Mr. Dahmer strangled him, then dismembered the body and scattered the bones in the woods behind the house.

Since 1982, the home as gone through five different owners, and it's always a special challenge each time it goes up for sale.

"Having the history that it does, it could certainly help us. It could certainly hurt us as well," Lubinski says.  


The house is described as "mid-century modern", with updates like high-end Italian appliances, an all-glass rear, and a new kitchen.

Nature views abound at this updated ranch. Wooded property with a pond and lovely flower gardens. Granite counters in kitchen. Lots of hardwood flooring. Spacious Family Room with built-ins and wood burning fireplace. Master bedroom complete with fireplace. Oversized windows in Living Room lets the natural light in while you enjoy the scenery.

That's right, just gloss over the whole dismemberment stuff.

If you want to own the ultimate serial killer collectible (or you just want a good deal and aren't afraid of ghosts), you can see the entire listing at Stouffer Realty's website.